Anesthesia Errors Resulting in Oregon Medical Malpractice

Understanding Anesthesia Errors Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice: Portland Medical Malpractice Attorney Shares Important Information


Undergoing any procedure can be nerve-racking.  Especially when it is a complicated and big surgery, such as an abdominal surgery, head surgery, or back surgery.  These types of surgeries are all made possible through the use of anesthesia.  Anesthesia is a cocktail of three drugs which paralyze you, block your pain, and knock you unconscious.  These drugs are very potent, but generally considered safe.  However, when there are errors in anesthesia due to Oregon medical malpractice, it can result in serious personal injuries and even wrongful death.  If this happened to you or a family member, contact our Portland and Bend medical malpractice attorneys to learn how you rights may have been affected.


What are Common Anesthesia Mistakes Caused by Oregon Medical Malpractice?


There are three classes of anesthesia mistakes.  One is improper dosing, the second technical means of administering it, and three being perfusion.  Each of these means can cause serious personal injuries such as brain injuries, nerve damage, and even wrongful death.  


Improper Dosing – Dosing mistakes can lead to serious personal injuries.  This is true of under dosing as much as overdosing.  When under dosing a patient, it can lead to a patient’s body moving during the surgery, involuntarily or voluntarily if the patient wakes up.  It can also lead to a patient feeling pain but being unable to tell doctors of same, which can increase heart rate and lead to a heart attack or shock.  Overdosing has obvious complications as it can cause caustic injuries to the body, including the brain which is susceptible to overdoses of strong pain medications like anesthesia.


Technical Errors Administering Anesthesia – Technical errors include missing an IV and causing these very powerful and caustic drugs to be pushed next to flesh which it will burn muscle tissue and damage structures very quickly.  Technical errors also include failing to properly incubate a patient which means providing oxygen to him or her during the procedure.  Failing to ensure a proper airway will cause a patient to not receive air or not enough air which can cause hypoxic injuries due to a lack of oxygen.  This can also be fatal and result in very serious personal injuries.


Improper Perfusion – What improper perfusion means is ensuring that there is proper homeostasis of the patient during the surgery.  This means fluid in and fluid out.  When there is an improper amount of blood lost and urine lost, but an inadequate amount of IV fluid in, there could be blood pressure issues or damage to vital structures.  This is particularly true of the spinal cord and brain, which are floating in cerebral spinal fluid.  A lack of proper pressure can make these structures more susceptible to injury.


Anesthesia Mistakes Caused by Oregon Medical Malpractice Could Lead to Serious Personal Injuries


If you or a loved one suffered complications from anesthesia mistakes due to Oregon medical malpractice, you may have a claim for compensation for your injuries, lost wages, lost earnings, medical expenses, and other allegations.  Call our Portland medical malpractice attorney to learn what your rights to compensation may be by scheduling a FREE consultation.  Our law firm handle cases throughout Oregon, including Central Oregon, Deschutes County, Salem, Portland, Corvallis, Lake Oswego, Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro, Medford, and any other city, including Bend, Oregon where our law office is located.  


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