Anesthesia Nerve Blocks: What Are They and How They Cause Medical Malpractice

Anesthesia Malpractice Alert: Nerve Blocks Can Cause Permanent Injury With Just a Simple Injection 


We have all heard about anesthesia, particularly when we are going into surgery.  However, very few people have heard of anesthesia nerve blocks.  These nerve blocks are injections which are usually done in addition to general anesthesia when the surgery is being performed on a limb.  Nerve blocks are performed in areas of the body leading to the limb where the nerves emanating down the limb all bunch up at a “choke point” in the body.  These injections help block pain during the surgery and immediately after the surgery.  They are a part of pain management and can greatly help a patient’s comfort.


Unfortunately, nerve blocks can greatly harm a patient.  These are injections with sharp needles putting highly caustic drugs right near nerves.  The potential for damage and injury is very high, and when it occurs the results are incredibly painful, debilitating, and usually permanent.  Here at Kuhlman Law, LLC, we know that Minnesota anesthesia mistakes in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and anywhere else through the state can cause serious injuries to a victim.  If you have been injured during a surgery by a nerve block of anesthesiologist, call us today to learn how we can protect your rights by dialing (612) 444-3374.


How Nerve Blocks Cause Serious Injuries and Where 


Anesthesia errors during nerve block procedures can cause permanent and serious injuries.  This is because of the location of the injection and fragile nature of nerves.


For instance, a common location for nerve blocks is in the interscalene groove which is at the base of the neck between the neck and shoulder behind the collarbone.  This location is where the brachial plexus nerves are, the bundle of nerves which send branches down the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, and to the fingers.  This are both sensory and motor nerves, meaning they control sensation and movement.  Damage to the brachial plexus nerves in the neck and shoulder caused by an improper nerve block can completely shut off the ability to feel or move a patient’s fingers.


Another common location for nerve blocks in the lower limbs is in the lower back for a lumbar plexus block.  This nerve block is more complicated than the shoulder, and helps block pain in the hip, anterior thigh, and knee.  This nerve block works to numb the bundle of nerves coming directly off the spine from L1 to L4.  Thus, when this area is injured it can have horrific results completely numbing or paralyzing the lower extremities or parts of the toes, foot, heel, and leg.


Anesthesia Errors from Botched Nerve Blocks Are Devastating Cases of Medical Malpractice


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