Are Hospital Acquired Infections Medical Malpractice?

Victims of Hospital Acquired Infections in Minnesota May be the Victim of Serious Medical Malpractice


As a Minneapolis medical malpractice lawyer, I know that hospital acquired infections can be some of the worst injuries and infections that a person could go through.  Unfortunately, many times these are due to medical malpractice which is why I am hosting “infection malpractice week” to help education victims and their families.  Learn how to protect you and your family’s rights in an infection case caused by a hospital acquire infection.


Damages of Infections


Anytime a person gets an infection it can be a serious medical emergency.  Luckily, most infections are easily treated and cause relatively little, if any, harm to a patient when they are caught early and properly treated.  However, there are some types of infections which can be very dangerous, difficult to treat, and deadly—even when caught early.  Some are actually resistant to some of the strongest forms of antibiotics or medication.  What makes matters worse, these infections are actually given to the patient from a healthcare provider or facility, commonly a hospital.  These types of infections are known as hospital acquired infections, or HAI, and can be fatal infections caused by medical malpractice errors.


What is a Hospital Acquired Infection?


A hospital acquired infection, also known as a HAI or a nosocomial infection, is a type of infection which is acquired while in a healthcare facility such as a hospital.  These types of infections can be spread by the healthcare staff, through equipment, or even airborne.  While these infections can originate from outside sources that are spread within a healthcare facility, some of these infections could originate in a healthcare facility and spread rapidly throughout the facility.  In some circumstances these infections before “super bugs” and are very difficult to treat.


And this is a big problem.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on any given day about 1 in 25 hospital patients will contract a hospital acquired infection which is approximately 721,000 patients.  Of these infections, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides in another study that at least 2 million people will contract a MRSA or other drug-resistant strain which will result in approximately 23,000 people to die each year.


Hospital Acquired Infections and Medical Malpractice in Minnesota


Also according to the same studies noted above, even just taking basic infection precautions could result in a hospital acquired infection decrease of 70%.  Whereas following the guidelines established by the CDC for infection prevention could largely, if not completely, prevent entirely MRSA infections.  This means that most infections could even be considered “never events,” meaning if they occur they could be serious medical errors.


They can also be serious instances of medical malpractice causing infections.  When a patient receives a hospital acquired infection due to reckless treatment, lapses in infection protocol, sloppy sterilization techniques, and other negligent conduct, it can be caused by Minnesota medical malpractice.  Victims will be required to establish that there was a breach of a duty of care and that breach of duty proximately caused the infection to the patient.  If the infection caused damages, a victim may be entitled to recover damages for the infection.  Hiring a Minneapolis / St. Paul medical malpractice lawyer is essential to ensure your rights are protected.


Hospital Acquired Injections May be Caused by Minnesota Medical Malpractice and Could Lead to Compensation


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