Bariatric Surgery Complications: What You Need to Know

Learn About Bariatric Surgery Complications and Their Causes


Undergoing bariatric surgery may help patients lower their risk of developing a number of different medical issues that come with obesity.  There are several forms of bariatric surgery, such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeves, or gastric banding.  While each form of surgery entails different procedures, they each have the common end goal of helping individuals lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  However, this is a major surgery which is incredibly invasive, temporarily paralyzing, and also risky due to surgical errors.


Consequences of Bariatric Surgery


Complications associated with gastric bypass, sleeve or banding surgeries are most often not life threatening.  In fact, gastric bypass surgery has almost a very high survival rate.  However, the more complicated the actual operation, the more likely a patient may be to suffer consequences.  Some patients who have undergone this weight loss surgery will need additional follow up visits with their doctor to correct certain complications.


One of the more common complications associated with a high risk bariatric surgery is to undergo a second surgery to address abdominal hernias that may result from the initial surgery.  Further, those patients who have undergone extensive bypass surgery may need to be closely monitored, take medication or eat a limited diet for the rest of their lives.  Other potential complications include dehydration, internal hernias (also known as bowl obstruction), bleeding, nutritional deficiencies or kidney stones.


The most rare consequences of bariatric surgery may include blood clots, staple leakage, abdominal stretching, vomiting, or pain.  One of the most unfortunate, but extremely rare, consequences of this weight loss surgery may be that the patient fails to lose weight.


One of the largest risks in bariatric surgery is an infection.  Infections are common in abdominal surgeries, particularly those where there will be internal cutting.  Some bariatric surgeries require cutting of the stomach and/or intestines.  The risk that bacteria may contaminate the body is high, and it can result in an instant and severe infection.


Common Results of Bariatric Surgery


Regardless of the minimal risks, bariatric surgery can yield amazing results.  Patient will see significant weight loss within the first two years, particularly the first year.  Aside from numbers on the scale, the health benefits of bariatric surgery are equally important.  Those who have undergone this weight loss surgery will also see either a complete resolution or monumental improvement in at least fifteen different obesity caused health conditions.  These conditions include hypertension, diabetes, and sleep issues.


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