Bariatric Surgery Infections: When is it Oregon Medical Malpractice? Bend & Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

Infections Post Bariatric Surgery: Determining When it is Oregon Medical Malpractice?


Infections after any surgery are a common risk that all patients must agree to prior to the procedure.  This agreement is part of the informed consent process, where patients are told and admit understanding that a known risk or complication is an infection which could occur.  Infections are bariatric surgeries are also very common, particularly because most bariatric surgeries include cutting or manipulating the stomach or intestines in a way that gives opportunity to infection.  But there is a difference between the risk of infection and Oregon medical malpractice causing or failing to diagnose the infection.  A Bend & Portland medical malpractice lawyer should be called to investigate any time a patient has a post-bariatric surgery infection.


Infections that Are Normal Risks of Bariatric Surgeries


With any surgery, bariatric surgeries will create opportunities for an infection.  If there is tissue that is cut inside of the abdominal and chest cavity which exposes internal aspects of the stomach and small intestines, there could be serious bacteria infections even if the doctor does everything correctly.  These infections are what is normally considered to be a regular risk of the procedure.


Infections that are NOT Normal Risk of Bariatric Surgeries


But not all infections after a bariatric surgery are normal risks.  Some of these infections could be caused by Oregon medical malpractice.  For instance, infections caused by a doctor or surgical team member that fails to scrub in proper may be committed medical malpractice.  Similarly, tools and instruments that are not properly sterilized or cleaned can also introduce bacterial infections and other debris into a patient’s wound and cause serious injury or infection.  This is also not a normal risk.


Infections at other areas are also not common.  For instance, if there is an infection to the IV site that would be an odd place for an infection and may indicate a mistake in placing the IV or sterilizing the area prior to performing the procedure.  Infections which also are caused at the stitching or suture spots are possible and common, but if the wound is oozing it could mean that the fastenings were improperly done and even negligently applied.


Infections Which are Misdiagnosed at NOT Normal Risks of Bariatric Surgeries


Even if an infection is normally caused by the bariatric surgery, it can still be Oregon medical malpractice if the infection is misdiagnosed, mistreated, or completely not diagnosed until it becomes sepsis or causes septic shock.  Patients giving informed consent are not consenting to this misdiagnosis or mistreatment of an infection.  This is medical malpractice and a very serious type which can result in amputations and even wrongful death.


Infections After a Bariatric Surgery Should be Evaluated by Our Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer


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