Birth Injuries caused by delayed Cesarean Section constitutes Minnesota medical malpractice


A Caesarian section, or C-section, is an alternative to vaginal delivery of a baby.  In a C-section, a doctor makes an incision across a mother’s abdomen, either vertically if it’s an emergency or in a series of horizontal steps through the layers of muscle, fat, and other tissue to expose the uterus.  The doctor then cuts through the uterus itself and delivers the baby, along with the placenta, and and closes the incisions. Usually, the mother is under regional anesthetic from the middle of her spine down, meaning that she is awake to hear the baby’s first cry.


C-sections can often be scheduled ahead of time, and involve much less pain than vaginal childbirth, so they are often elective surgeries.  However, they can be medically necessary or at least strongly recommended in many situations, such as when labor is taking too long, a baby isn’t getting enough oxygen, a woman is carrying twins or more fetuses, a baby is in the wrong position for ordinary childbirth, or the mother has a health condition that would make ordinary delivery hazardous for her or the child.  Women who have previously given birth via C-section have heightened risks of complications if they later give birth vaginally.


Like any surgical procedure, C-sections carry risks, as does vaginal childbirth.  A doctor should talk through these risks and the available delivery options with the mother to an appropriate extent before she chooses how to give birth.


In situations where a C-section is a medical necessity, time is often of the essence.  In a situation where, for example, the umbilical cord is compressed and blood can’t reach the baby’s brain, a doctor needs to recognize the issue as soon as possible and take the appropriate emergency steps.  A C-section might also be recommended if either the baby’s or the mother’s heartbeat shows signs of danger.  Delays in ordering a C-section can cause various types of injury to the mother or child, allow injuries that already existed to get worse, or even lead to death in some cases.


Two of the most common injuries associated with a delayed C-section are: cerebral palsy and erb’s palsy.


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