Botched Shoulder Replacement Surgeries in Minnesota: How to Know Yours Was Caused by Minnesota Medical Malpractice

Have a Failed Shoulder Replacement Surgery? Know When to Call a Minnesota Medical Malpractice Attorney 


The shoulder is one of the most complicated joints in the human body.  Even though it is not weight bearing like the knee or hip, and even though it is not as large as the hip, there are many different ligaments, tendons, nerves, vessels, muscles, and other structures in the shoulder which are compressed into a smaller space.  You also use your shoulder constantly, whether you are sitting, standing, or even laying down.  Your hands and arms all function by and through the shoulder.  If your shoulder is injured, you will have difficultly performing even basic tasks like typing, brushing your teeth, and even holding a utensil to eat or drink.


This is why a botched shoulder replacement is a very serious type of Minnesota medical malpractice.  Surgical errors resulting in a failed shoulder replacement could mean that victims will have a life of debilitating pain and suffering, restricted range of motion, and unnecessarily medical expenses.  Victims should call Kuhlman Law, LLC to learn how we can stop medical mistakes together by dialing (612) 444-3374 today.


Causes of Botched Shoulder Replacement Surgeries


Surgical errors causing a failed shoulder replacement are egregious.  Botched shoulder replacement surgeries result in unnecessary surgeries, months if not years of pain and suffering, and a significant amount of lost wages.  Most of the causes of botched shoulder surgeries can be completely avoided with proper training, experience, and skill of a surgeon.


Common causes of botched shoulder replacement surgeries resulting from medical malpractice include the following:


  • Slip of tool such as the scalpel or screw;
  • Using the wrong sized implant;
  • Removing too much bone structure;
  • Failure to identify nerves and other vital structures;
  • Improperly sterilizing tools, implant, or surgical site;
  • Rushing during the surgery or taking too long during the surgery;
  • Anesthesia errors;
  • Installing the hardware improperly;
  • Not repairing the cut bone properly;
  • Excessively manipulating the tendons, muscles, and ligaments of the arm;
  • Using excessive force during the procedure;
  • Improperly aligning the joint to restrict the range of motion;
  • Cutting too much tissue;
  • Accidentally damaging tendons or muscles;
  • Causing the patient to wrongfully die; and
  • Many other causes.

Botched Shoulder Replacements are Serious Surgeries Which Require Serious Attention


If you or a loved one have been injured due to the medical malpractice of a healthcare provider such as a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other health care service professional, call Kuhlman Law, LLC for a FREE consultation by dialing (612) 444-3374 to learn what your rights to compensation may be.  If we accept your case, we will conduct a thorough review of your case and advise you whether there may have been a serious medical mistake causing your injury.   There is no risk, and you do not owe us money unless we win your case.

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