Brain Damage After Surgery: What Went Wrong? Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

What Went Wrong to Cause Brain Damage After Surgery?  Scary Facts from Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer 


Surgery is scary.  For most of us, we are very scared or even petrified of having surgery.  Whether we are electing to do the surgery or whether we do not have a choice because of emergency surgery, surgery can be a very frightening event in one’s life.  While most surgeries go without any problems, some surgeries do cause issues.  Sometimes these issues are common occurrences after a surgery and could be related to the actual surgery such as an infection or slip of the knife during the procedure.  However, other times the injuries after a surgery could be unrelated to the surgery such as brain damage after a foot surgery.  There are many reasons why this could happen, and almost all of them are due to Oregon medical malpractice.


This is because when a patient suffers brain damage after a surgery, especially after a surgery that is not related to the head or brain, it is almost always the case that something went wrong.  This could be due to careless, reckless, or negligent medical care which could entitle a victim to compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, lost future earnings, medical bills, future medical procedures, and other services.


What Could Go Wrong to Cause Brain Damage After a Surgery?


There are a three main reasons why brain damage could be caused after a surgery.  Most of these are related to anesthesia in some way, including the administration of anesthesia, an overdose, or proper monitoring.  But the surgeon is the captan of the ship during a surgery, and he or she needs to be responsible for your wellbeing as well.  Here are some of the common causes of brain damage after a surgery:


1. AnesthesiaMistakes in administering anesthesia is a huge reason why patients awaking from surgery could have serious brain damage.  This could be due to an overdose from the drugs themselves.  There could also be an issue with oxygen given to a patient during the surgery, which includes failing to properly incubate the patient to ensure adequate oxygen into the lung to diffuse to the rest of the body.


2. Positioning and time of surgery – If a patient is put in a bad position during a surgery, such as a position which limits blood flow to the brain or a position which puts pressure on the neck or parts of the body like the wrists or arms which could cause blood flow to slow down or cease, this could also result in an oxygen decrease.  Additionally, certain positions like head down could also result in a deceased flow of oxygen to the brain.  Generally, the longer a surgery the more risk that a patient could sustain.


3. Blood Loss and perfusion – The more blood loss during a surgery, the less blood pressure and the less oxygen that is being carried to the body.  This is known as a perfusion issue, when the body has less fluids in it than what is being put in and it can cause damage to the brain.


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