Brain Injuries from Anesthesia Overdoses: Bend & Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Traumatic Brain Injuries Caused by Anesthesia Overdoses: Bend & Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses Serious Damages


Anesthesia is a very important medical advancement.  It allows surgeons to operate on an individual safely and effectively without causing immense pain to a patient.  Anesthesia is a cocktail of three drugs, one which paralyzes a patient so he or she cannot move or his or her body cannot involuntarily move during a procedure.  The second drug knocks a patient unconscious to be asleep during the procedure.  The third drug is to block and prevent all pain.  These drugs are very strong and potent drugs which have prolific and strong effects on a person.  When there are overdoses or complications from anesthesia drugs, it is usually due to Oregon medical malpractice.  Victims should call our Portland and Bend medical malpractice lawyer to learn their rights to compensation.


Causes of Anesthesia Overdoses Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice


There are many potential causes for anesthesia overdoses caused by Oregon medical malpractice.  Most times these causes can be completely avoided and should never happen.  Otherwise these causes are due to extraordinary medical malpractice.  Some of the most common causes of anesthesia overdoses due to Oregon medical malpractice include the following:


  • Inexperienced anesthesiologists;
  • Understaff anesthesiologists in hospitals;
  • Improperly trained anesthesiologists;
  • Anesthesia residents which are inexperienced, improperly trained, and left to handle more than they can cope with or are capable of handling;
  • Poorly trained CNRA teams;
  • Lack of monitoring;
  • Rushing and moving too fast;
  • Failing to check for complications or contradictions;
  • Inadequately or improperly monitoring a patient’s vitals during a surgery;
  • Administering anesthesia too quickly;
  • Using too much pre-surgery medication (like Versed) which also works like anesthesia to calm a patient but could have significant effects; and
  • Other common causes.


Damages from Anesthesia Overdoses


Since anesthesia is a very potent combination of drugs, it can result in very serious personal injuries when there is an overdose.  This is a very caustic collection of drugs and even their mere presence can injury tissue, particularly peripheral nerves.  Some common injuries from anesthesia overdoses include the following:


  • Nerve damage, including permanent nerve damage;
  • Seizures;
  • Brain injuries;
  • Breathing or respiratory problems;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Physical impairment or disability;
  • Tissue injury;
  • Wrongful death; and many other injuries.


Brain Injuries Caused by Anesthesia Errors: Oregon Medical Malpractice


Of the above injuries, brain injuries can result in catastrophic and permanent damages for a person’s entire life.  While wrongful death is particularly horrible too, brain injuries will impair a person and his or her family for many years.  The result could be millions of dollars in nursing, medical treatment, therapy, surgeries, medication, lost wages, and lost earnings.  This is because anesthesia overdoses can result in prolific injury to the brain which causes bleeding, swelling, and even caustic injuries which can damage the brain.


These brain injuries could result in the following complications which may be compensable in an Oregon medical malpractice case:


  • Memory loss;
  • Confusion;
  • Seizure disorders;
  • Language issues;
  • Loss of vision, hearing, smell, or taste;
  • Breathing difficulty; 
  • Inability to focus;
  • Extreme headaches or migraines;
  • Coordination issues;
  • Inability to walk;
  • Involuntary muscle reflexes; and 
  • Many other complications.


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Victims of an anesthesia error may have significant injuries as a result of Oregon medical malpractice.  One of the most debilitating types of injuries is a brain injury which can result in a lifetime of very serious complications.  Victims who have suffered a traumatic brain injury very likely have an Oregon medical malpractice claim against the healthcare providers who may have caused the injury.  Call our Portland medical malpractice lawyer to learn how we can help you and your loved one.  We handle cases throughout Oregon, including anywhere in Central Oregon, Deschutes County, Redmond, Sisters, Prineville, The Dalles, Madras, Salem, Portland, Vancouver, Washington, Lake Oswego, Corvallis, Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro, Medford, and any other city, including Bend, Oregon where our law office is located.


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