Causes of an Esophageal Perforation and Why it is Oregon Medical Malpractice

Esophageal Perforations are Usually Oregon Medical Malpractice


One of the most painful and deadly types of Oregon medical malpractice is an esophageal perforation caused by a medical error.  Your esophagus is a very important organ.  It is responsible for carrying food and drink into your stomach.  It is also supports the trachea, and prevents food, drink, or other stomach contents from arising up and flooding the trachea into the lungs.  It is a very muscular organ and can withstand the pressure and exertion of carrying food down into your stomach.  


But it is not impervious to damage and it can be severely injured during a medical procedure.  Or more appropriately, it can be injured due to the Oregon medical malpractice of a reckless, careless, negligent, or grossly negligent healthcare provider.  When an injury to the esophagus occurs, statistics show that it is 34% likely to be fatal.  This is because surgery is always required and the longer that the injury is allowed to stay, the harder that it will be to surgically repair the damage.  Esophageal perforations are also likely to result in serious and dangerous infections to the throat due to the leaking food and drink.  These infections are at the top of the chest, which means that leaks into the upper chest cavity will cause infections near the heart and lungs.  This is incredibly dangerous and deadly.


Causes of Esophageal Perforations Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice


There are two main causes of an esophageal perforation, and both are Oregon medical malpractice.  The two causes are the following:


Endoscopy Errors – An endoscopy is a procedure wherein a doctor puts a scope down a patient’s throat to look at the patient’s esophagus, stomach, and related structures.  The tube is flexible and protected by a soft “bumper” cover.  However, it can still cause tears, abrasions, perforations, and other damage to the esophagus if the medical professional is not careful in placing, searching, or removing the endoscopy.  These perforations are likely to cause serious damage.


Anesthesia Tube Errors – The top of the esophagus is at a junction with the trachea.  When a patient is going into surgery or otherwise in need of a breathing tube or trach-tube, a provider will insert the airway tube down the throat and into the trachea.  However, if the provider is rushing it could result in a serious error in missing the trachea and forcing the breathing tube into the top of the esophagus.  This can result in trauma to the esophagus and a perforation, which can cause these infections.


Other less prevalent ways that an esophageal perforation could occur include:


  • Improper biopsy;
  • Recklessly taking a culture;
  • Improperly scoping/inspection the trachea;
  • Emergency room errors;
  • NICU mistakes in babies; and
  • Other procedures.


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