Choking Could be Oregon Nursing Home Malpractice: Portland Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Learn Why Choking in a Nursing Facility Could be Oregon Nursing Home Malpractice From our Portland Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers


Although choking may be common and is a well-known hazard, many people do not fully understand how dangerous choking actually is and that it can be deadly.  The National Safety Committee reports that choking is actually the fourth leading cause of unintentional death causing over 5,000 fatalities each year.  This risk of choking is particularly dangerous and often fatal in nursing homes which cater to older populations.  According to the same research from the National Safety Committee, approximately 60% or 3,000 of these choking fatalities were individuals over the age of 74 years old.  This is a disastrous statistic and learn why it could be due to Oregon nursing home malpractice from our Portland nursing home abuse lawyers.


Why is Choking So Dangerous?


We all know that choking is dangerous, but why?  The obvious answer is because choking on an object can block an airway and result in a prolonged loss of oxygen.  This results in brain damage due to hypoxic (lack of oxygen) conditions.  The longer that an individual is deprived oxygen, the more likely that it will result in brain damage.  Additionally, the longer without oxygen means that greater the brain damage.


Choking can also cause significant and life-threatening damage to a person’s throat and esophagus.  Certain objects that should not be ingested like chicken bones, utensils, or other hard objects can cause excessive bleeding and swelling on the throat.  This could result in significant damage and disability, or even result in the wrongful death of an individual.


Choking in Oregon Nursing Homes


Residents who suffer injuries from choking in a nursing home, or individuals who wrongfully die in a nursing home, could be the victim of Oregon nursing home malpractice.  This is because nursing homes and healthcare providers most monitor and supervise residents to guard them against choking.  This is particularly true while residents are eating meals, drinking, or taking medications.  Nursing homes and nursing home staffs are charged with monitoring and ensuring the safety of residents at all times.  The failure to properly monitor residents and supervisor them during vulnerable or potentially choking times could result in serious nursing home malpractice.


There are many potential causes for choking in a nursing home which could be the result of Oregon nursing home malpractice or Portland nursing home abuse.  Some of the most common causes include the following:


  • Residents who have difficulty swallowing and eating after surgery;
  • Cancer patients who have difficulty or a lack of energy to eat after treatment;
  • Residents with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other mental health complications;
  • Residents with neurological disorders;
  • Patients recovering from surgeries, including emergency surgeries;
  • Residents with cerebral palsy and who have difficulty eating or swallowing; and
  • Residents with other difficulties, disabilities, or conditions.


Victims of Choking in Oregon Nursing Homes Should Ask Our Portland Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers For Help


Nursing homes are deputized with ensuring the safety of their residents.  This includes ensuring that residents do not choke or suffer injuries while eating.  Given that choking is one of the most dangerous and common unintentional causes of death, especially in victims over 74 years of age, nursing homes and staff must guard residents from this hazard.  


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