Choreoathetoid Cerebral Palsy Facts: Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Choreoathetoid Cerebral Palsy in Oregon: Portland & Bend Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains Basic Facts


Cerebral palsy is a very debilitating condition which generally affects voluntary movement in some manner.  It is a combination of disorders caused by damage to the brain during its development.  Thus, cerebral palsy is usually most dramatic for a family because it occurs during the labor and delivery process and first affects a newborn.  The extent of the damage to the brain is usually unknown initially, but it can be accessed as the newborn ages.  There are many causes of this type of cerebral palsy, but anytime a baby is diagnosed with cerebral palsy a Portland medical malpractice lawyer should be called to check the facts to ensure it was not due to Oregon medical malpractice errors, mistakes, or negligence.


What is Choreoathetoid Cerebral Palsy?


One type of cerebral palsy is choreoathetoid cerebral palsy.  This affects the “chorea” which is random and irregular movements, and “athetosis” which is involvement movements characterized by repetitive or squirming actions.  Individuals suffering from cerebral palsy could suffer from one or both of these conditions, or a combination with other conditions.  This is because cerebral palsy is characterized by a group of conditions resulting in the disability.  


While all cerebral palsies effect movement, this one affects voluntary movements.  Particularly this affects fine and coordinated movements.  Given the classification above, this means that choreoathetoid cerebral palsy results in irregular, uncoordinated, random, abrupt, repetitive, squirming, rhythmic, and other involuntary movements.  It may affect people differently, but the general injuries will be about these.


Common Symptoms Related to Choreoathetoid Cerebral Palsy


In addition to the irregular and involuntary movements noted above, there is a host of conditions which choreoathetoid cerebral palsy could cause.  These conditions include the following:


  • Developmental delays – this is obvious because cerebral palsy is caused in newborns while the brain is being developed, those the developmental delays are understood;
  • Seizures – most brain injuries, particularly those caused be developmental damage, can result in seizures.  These seizures can be just trembling or shaking in a subtle amount, or staring or “zone out” seizures, or full-out and intense seizures;
  • Vision troubles, including strabismus (lazy eye), very poor vision, need for surgical repair;
  • Digestive problems, including the whole process from eating to digestion to constipation;
  • Muscle issues, particularly being too tight and muscular to being too loose and unable to move; and
  • Many other symptoms. 


Choreoathetoid Cerebral Palsy Could be Caused Naturally Through Genetics, or It Could be Caused by Oregon Medical Malpractice


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