Common Causes of Medical Malpractice by a Primary Care Physician: St. Paul Medical Malpractice Attorney Shares These Warnings

When Primary Care Physicians Commit Medical Malpractice: Facts to Know to Protect You and Your Family


Your primary care physician is the frontline defender of your health.  This is where the majority of your preventative medicine will come from, basic healthcare, and routine treatment.  When you are sick or hurt, your primary care physician will usually be the first person you call.  Because of this, you will likely work with your primary care physician for years—or decades—and will likely become very close with him or her.  This is important in keeping you in your best health.


However, it may also make it harder for your to question what your primary care physician does or to recognize mistakes.  You may even be hesitant to sue your primary care physician for medical malpractice even if it is clear something wrong happened.  But at Kuhlman Law, LLC, we know that it can be tough to do but sometimes completely necessary to protect your rights.  There are some common mistakes to look out for, and you should know what they are to protect you and your family’s rights.  To learn more, call us for a FREE consultation by dialing (612) 444-3374.


Common Causes of Primary Care Physician Mistakes that can be Medical Malpractice


There are certain mistakes that primary care physicians commonly make which may constitute medical malpractice in Minnesota.  Below are some example that, if they happen to your or your family, you need to call a medical malpractice lawyer.


Common Cause 1: Failure to Diagnose Cancer/Delay in Diagnosing Cancer – The most common mistake by a primary care physician is misdiagnosing or delaying in diagnosing cancer.  Most people go to a primary care physician with strange symptoms, and if a primary care physician does not refer the patient to a specialist for tests, that failure or the delay can mean the difference between life and death for a patient with cancer.  A very common example is when a patient comes with a lump or spot on the skin to show the primary care doctor, who then claims it is a harmless mole or spot without referring to a dermatologist.  If the spot is cancerous, it could be years before the patient decides to go to a specialist for a second opinion.  Giving cancer a head start like this is never a good idea.


Common Cause 2: Failing to Diagnose or Treat an Infection – Infections are one of the most known conditions that a patient could have.  Infections tend to be fairly common and are usually rather easy to treat.  However, if an infection is left untreated or misdiagnosed it can become very difficult to treat, very damaging, and even deadly.  This is why little infections that a primary care physician may miss or may treat with less-strong medication can result in serious injury to a person.  The failure to also refer a patient to a specialist or to the hospital can further be grounds for medical malpractice.


Common Cause 3: Failing to Treat a Fractured Bone – When a primary care physician misdiagnoses a fractured or broken bone as a sprain or strain, it can result in serious pain and suffering to a patient.  This is especially true to children who are still growing, and if the fracture affects the growth plate it can have catastrophic consequences.  Primary care physicians should not try to blindly treat or guess on a fractured bone without an x-ray, and should instead refer the patient to an orthopedist or to the emergency room.  Failing to do so could be medical malpractice.


Minnesota Medical Malpractice by Primary Care Physicians


If you or a loved one have been injured due to the medical malpractice of a healthcare provider such as a doctor, nurse, hospital, or other health care service professional, call Kuhlman Law, LLC for a FREE consultation by dialing (612) 444-3374 to learn what your rights to compensation may be.  If we accept your case, we will conduct a thorough review of your case and advise you whether there may have been a serious medical mistake causing your injury.   There is no risk, and you do not owe us money unless we win your case.

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