Common Heart Conditions that are Misdiagnosed: Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Three Common Heart Conditions that are Commonly Misdiagnosed 


Your heart is vital to your survival.  Its purpose is to pump oxygenated blood throughout your body.  This oxygenated blood, along with other nutrients, chemicals, hormones, and other important components is what helps your body function and survive.  Without this critical supply of blood, your body will begin to shut down, become damaged, and even begin to die.  This is why diseases and conditions of the heart are very serious and need to be properly cared for by a healthcare provider.  Mistakes and delays in diagnosing any heart condition could be Oregon medical malpractice, and could be fatal.


There are three commonly known conditions of the heart which must be treated properly or it could result in serious injury.  You likely have heard at least one of these conditions, maybe even two, but the third one is the most deadly.  The three common conditions of the heart which may be misdiagnosed and result in serious personal injuries include the following:


1) – Heart Attack – Almost everyone has heard of a heart attack before.  According to the American Heart Association, a heart attack is when the blood flow that brings oxygen tot he heart is significantly reduced or completely stopped.  This can occur due to blockages in your arteries due to fat, cholesterol, and other substances with bind together and form “plaque.”  The plaque can either eventually close the artery off, or it could break apart and then get lodged in a different part of the artery.  If heart attacks are not quickly diagnosed, they can become fatal because the damage to the heart could become irreparable and it could result in death of the tissue.


2) – A-Fib – Some people have heard of A-Fib, and normally it is not fatal in and of itself.  A-fib is when the chambers of your heart are not beating in unison and they are not beating in an efficient manner.  This means that some blood could pool in the heart and cause clots which could eventually get sucked out of the heart and cause a fatal blockage.  This also means that your heart will need to beat harder and faster to ensure that your body has oxygenated blood with it.  This stress on the heart can cause it to “burn out” faster and result in heart failure.  Treating A-fib is fairly easy with medication as well, so failing to diagnose it means that it could result in serious and unnecessary injuries.


3) – Aortic dissection – This is the type of heart condition that most people have not heard about, but this is also one of the most dangerous.  An aortic dissection is when there is a tear in a layer of the aorta, the structure which pumps the blood out of the heart.  The blood can flow into this tear which causes very troubling symptoms, including weakness on one side of the body and heart-attack like pain.  If the tear is not repaired, the tear could do through all of the layers of the aorta and result in a near instant death.


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