Common ICU Errors Which are Medical Malpractice in Minneapolis, Minnesota

ICU Errors You Need to Know Which Can Be Minnesota Medical Malpractice: Protect Yourself and Your Family!


No one plans to be in the ICU, or intensive care unit.  This is a place where people dread going because it generally means our lives are at risk or we are battling a very serious condition, injury, or other affliction.  Because of this, patients in the ICU are usually guarded by a higher ratio of nurses per patient and doctors per patient.  There are usually more advanced technologists such as imaging studies, additional technicians, and more powerful medications located closer to the ICU as well.  Patients here are to get the most medical attention then other patients in a hospital.


Despite this, there are still many mistakes that occur in an ICU which constitute Minnesota medical malpractice.  Some of these mistakes, shockingly, as actually neglect or a failure to monitor a patient—in the intensive care unit!  There are many other types of medical mistakes which occur in the ICU that you need to know about to protect yourself and your family from potential malpractice.  If you see one of these potential problems, call Kuhlman Law, LLC to learn what your rights may be by dialing (612) 349-2747.


Common ICU Errors Which Result in Serious Injury or Wrongful Death in Minnesota


Patients who are in an ICU bed need to have proper and attentive medical care.  Their lives are likely in dangers, and even small mistakes will have large consequences.  This is why ICU staff needs to be particularly careful in treating patients in an ICU bed.  When they do not, there are certain instances of medical malpractice which can result in serious injuries or wrongful death.


Some common errors in the ICU include the following:


  • Failing to monitor a patient properly – not checking in enough, failing to check vital instruments, taking shortcuts in performing rounds;
  • Improperly administering medication – medications given to ICU patients are usually very potent, and when they are administered in the wrong manner (i.e., too fast, too slow, or too much), patients can be serious injured or killed;
  • Medication errors – likewise, giving the wrong medication to a patient in an ICU bed can be fatal because the patient is likely in a critical state;
  • Improperly performing a procedure – procedures to ICU patients are generally performed under the supervision of a physician and a nurse, but basic procedures performed by nurses like even just changing an IV can have significant consequences;
  • Causing infections or failing to treat infections – infections to an ICU patient are fatal, and when improperly sterilized or contaminated equipment or tools are used on an ICU patient, the results can easily be fatal; and
  • Many other ICU errors.

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