Common Pathologist Mistakes and How You Know it is Minnesota Medical Malpractice

When Pathologists Make Mistakes, It Can Be Serous Medical Malpractice in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Anywhere Else in Minnesota


Pathologists are very important medical specialists and must people will rely on in their lifetime.  However, very few people will actually go to a pathologist directly.  This is because a pathologist is a type of physician who specializes in the study of diseases.  Most pathologists are used to assess medical tests and determine where there are diseases or conditions present which needs to be treated.  A common example are biopsies to determine whether there is cancer present, or imaging studies to determine where there is appendicitis or a blood clot causing a stroke.  Pathologists are very important support physicians for a person’s healthcare.


Thus, when a pathologist’s errors result in medical malpractice, it can be a very serious mistakes that affects the diagnostics of multiple physicians.  This can, in turn, result in horrific injury and even death to a patient.  When this happens, victims of medical malpractice caused by a pathologist in St. Paul or Minneapolis may be entitled to compensation.  Call the Kuhlman Law Offices, P.C. to learn more if you think you may have been the victim of a pathologist’s mistake by dialing (612) 444-3374.


Common Mistakes by Pathologists Which is Minnesota Medical Malpractice


Pathologists could cause many different mistakes which can result in medical malpractice.  There are generally two types of mistakes.  The first type of mistake is improperly performing an action such as taking a biopsy or conducting a study.  The second type of mistake is improperly interpreting a study already performed.  Of course like all medical providers, another type of mistake that is always present is a mistake in communicating the results accurately and timely.


Therefore, some common mistakes caused by pathologists which result in Minnesota medical malpractice include the following:


  • Improperly performing a study in the wrong manner for the goal;
  • Failing to sterilize instruments for procedures like biopsies;
  • Failing to identify critical landmarks when performing a biopsy, such as nerves or vessels;
  • Using the wrong medium to perform an imaging study (i.e., an x-ray when an MRI should have been used);
  • Failing to diagnose cancer;
  • Failing to check for allergies with a patient when using dyes to perform a test;
  • Misinterpreting a tests;
  • Failing to properly conduct a test (time, materials, methods);
  • Recording the wrong information from a test;
  • Mixing up patients;
  • Contaminating tests to get inaccurate results;
  • Failing to communicate test results to the ordering physician; and
  • Many other mistakes.


Pathology Mistakes in Minnesota Can be Very Serious Medical Malpractice to Guard Against


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