Complications Post Surgery That Could be the Result of Minnesota Medical Malpractice

Determining When Post-Surgery Complications are Medical Malpractice and Not Just Normal Risks


All surgeries carry certain risks.  Even a basic wisdom tooth extraction can cause facial paralysis.  That is a fact of medicine.  There are also associated complications with every type of surgery.  These can all be normal, and most can be controlled or mitigated to avoid causing severe or life-threatening complications.  However, some of these risks and complications can be completely avoided.  Other risks and complications are actually the result of medical malpractice and should not have occurred.


It can be difficult to determine what is a normal risk of surgery and what is a risk enhanced or caused by a surgical error or medical malpractice.  When it comes to major surgeries like bariatric surgery, heart surgery, or spinal fusion surgeries, even minor complications or increases in the risk can have disastrous results.  Here are some important points to remember when assessing whether your surgical risks and complications are normal or the result of medical malpractice.


1.  The Doctor Never Told You of the Risk or Complication You’re Experiencing


Before a procedure the surgeon or medical staff will go over the risks, benefits, and alternatives to the procedure.  They will answer any questions you have and explain how the operation will go.  They will ask for you to provide your consent to the procedure.  This is known as informed consent.  This is where all of the risks and complications are explained.  However, after the surgery if you are having other symptoms or complications that are never discussed with you or explained to you, this may be because they were not normal risks or complications of the surgery.  For instance, if you have a tonsillectomy and you wake up with a shoulder injury, that may be due to medical malpractice due to improper positioning of the arm during the procedure.  This is not a normal risk or complication.


2. You are Referred to a Specialist


If you undergo a surgical procedure and have complications that the surgeon tells you to see a specialist, you should be concerned.  This is particularly true if the doctor never discussed with you the possibility of needing a referral.  When a doctor refers a patient who is having serious complications to a specialist, it is a sign that something went unexpected and above or beyond what the surgeon can or normally handles.


3. You Require ICU Care and Treatment 


After the surgery if you need to be admitted to the hospital and require ICU care, you should be concerned.  Some surgeries will normally have ICU care.  Some procedures it is a possibility.  But when there is not mention or it is not normal for ICU care following the surgery, that is a sign that there was a surgical error or medical negligence.


If You Are Unsure Whether You Were the Victim of Minnesota Medical Malpractice, Ask Us for a FREE Consultation 


All surgical procedures are complicated and there are many moving parts and issues that need to be addressed.  All surgeries also come with risks and complications which are normal to the procedure.  They are not medical malpractice, and even the most competent doctors could still have those errors.  Further, there are some super risky surgeries that even a perfect procedure could not avoid damages.  But there are other cases where the damages are immense from medical malpractice.  This is why patients who have had serious risks and complications of surgery should call Kuhlman Law, LLC for a free consultation.  Do not guess yourself.  Let us hear your case and give you a free opinion whether there was medical malpractice that caused your surgical complications.


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