Could HIE be Caused by a Failure to do a C-Section?

Failing to Do a Timely C-Section Could Result in HIE and be Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice


Having a baby is a very exciting time.  We trust medical providers to make this also a very safe time.  Unfortunately, certain medical errors could result in serious or devastating injuries to a baby and render this not a very safe time.  This includes the failure to do a timely c-section when there are clear signs of fetal distress during the labor process.  The failure to act could result in very serious personal injuries to the baby, including hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy or HIE. This could result in cerebral palsy as well.  The failure to identify the fetal distress and to perform a timely c-section could be the result of Oregon medical malpractice.


What is HIE?


HIE is a shortage of oxygen and blood flow which results in brain damage.  The brain damage occurs due to the oxygen deprivation because of certain factors during the birthing process.  This could be due to cord compression, where there is a decreased amount of blood flow to the baby which means there is a decreased amount of oxygen going to the baby.  This could also occur due to a ruptured umbilical cord, which is similar to cord compression but is catastrophic and irreversible.


Injuries to the brain caused be HIE could result in several types of injuries.  This could range from cognitive functioning injuries due to the damage to the developing brain.  Or a HIE injury could result in damage to the brain in certain parts responsible for motor movement.  This results in cerebral palsy which can cause an array of motor disability characterized by involuntary movements or the lack of control of certain muscle functions.


Failing to Do a C-Section


A c-section is when a healthcare provider, usually an OB-GYN or general surgeon, surgically remove the baby from mother’s womb.  This is a very invasive procedure which consists of a large “belt” incision, or incision at the bottom of the mother’s stomach over where the belt would be.  This is a cross-incision which cuts through many vital structures, including major muscle groups.  Hence this is why some surgeons wait until the last minute to get this type of procedure completed.


The delays in performing a c-section when there are signs of fetal distress, however, are grave.  This is because fetal distress such as dropping blood pressure, signs of low oxygen saturation, or rapid heartbeat could all indicate evidence of problems that need immediate correction.  Some of the most common mechanisms for fetal distress is less blood flow and oxygen to the baby, such as the conditions which result in HIE.  Thus, when these problems are present, a healthcare provider needs to act fast.  The more time under duress and at an oxygen deprivation, the more tissue that will be injured.


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