Deadly Allergic Reactions Caused by Oregon Medical Malpractice: Failing to Guard Against Allergies During Surgery

Fatal Allergic Reactions From Surgery: Oregon Medical Malpractice


Most of us have an allergy to something.  Whether that be something such as peanut butter, gluten for people with celiac’s disease, or something less obvious like a new laundry detergent, it is normal for some substances to create reactions with our body.  While most of these allergies may cause irritation or non-severe reactions, some of these allergies may cause us to go into encephalitic shock.  Hence why many people outright avoid an allergen that they have.


However, that does not always mean the healthcare professionals will.  Many people have allergies to medical-related objects or medications, including most popularly latex, adhesives, and penicillin.  We can try to avoid these by telling our medical professional several times.  We write them down on the intake forms next to “allergies.”  We also tell professionals.  Some people have to weird bracelets that identify serious allergies in case of an emergency.  When we are undergoing surgery, we may even get a different color bracelet to identify allergies.


But at the end of the day, in surgery when we are anesthetized and powerless to tell healthcare providers, we rely on nurses, doctors, and technicians to protect us.  Unfortunately that does not always happen, and many people may be seriously injured or wrongful killed due to surgical errors caused by Oregon medical malpractice.


Examples of Fatal Allergic Reaction Caused by Surgical Malpractice


There are many ways that a patient with severe allergies could be seriously injured or wrongfully killed when a surgical error occurs.  Some common examples when a surgeon could be seriously injured due to an allergic reaction caused by healthcare professionals includes the following:


Incubation Tubes – During a surgery the patient is incubated, meaning a breathing tube is inserted into their mouth, down their through, and into their airway directly to the lungs.  This is generally affixed to the face with adhesive tape on the upper lip between the nose and mouth.  If a patient has a severe allergic to adhesive tape, the reaction on the upper lip could cause a massive reaction swelling the patient’s airways—the nose and mouth!  Literally placing an allergen between someone’s only two airways can easily be fatal.  Even if a patient has a latex allergic and a medical team still uses latex gloves, placing the tube into the patient’s airway and then working around the nose and mouth with latex gloves may be enough to trigger a fatal encephalitic reaction.


Latex Gloves – Not only are latex gloves dangerous as noted above, but when a surgeon fails to use non-latex gloves after a patient has advised of latex allergies is very serious.  Because once there are incisions made and the surgeon is manipulating tissue within the body with latex gloves, the encephalitic reaction could occur inside the body cavity and quickly become fatal.  This is particularly dangerous of abdominal surgeries or brain surgeries.


Administering Medications – Medication errors can also be serious medical malpractice during a surgery.  During most surgeries, particularly abdominal surgeries or surgeries that have a heightened risk for bacterial infections like bowel surgeries or appendectomies, antibiotics are generally placed directly into the IV during the surgery and immediately in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU).  But if a patient is allergies to these antibiotics like penicillin, it can result in a fatal interaction.  The worst part of this reaction is that patients are given steroids during a surgery which is used to suppress anti-histamine reactions (i.e., an allergic reaction).  The steroids may last in a patient’s system for several days.  This means that the antibiotics that the patient is allergic too may be pumped into the patient’s system for several days after the hospital stay without the patient knowing because of the steroids blocking a response.  Once the steroids wear off, there could be a massive allergic reaction due to the loaded antibiotics.  This can be fatal.


Fatal Reactions Due to Allergic Reactions From Oregon Medical Malpractice


For patients with severe allergies related to medicine such as latex, adhesives, or penicillin, surgeries are a very serious and scary event.  This is because patents can be seriously injured or killed if their allergies are not guarded against.  We can only tell medical professionals so many times of our allergies.  If they fail to protect us, it can be serious Oregon medical malpractice.


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