Delays in Treating Complications from Bariatric Surgery

Delays in Treating Complications from Bariatric Surgery Can Result in Serious and Life-threatening Conditions


Bariatric surgery is one of the most complicated types of surgeries that an individual could undergo.  Though it is relatively safe and there are usually great results, there are also a lot of potential complications which can result in serous injuries or life-threatening situations.  When these complications are not treated immediately, the delays could be caused by a medical provider’s careless errors or mistakes which could be preventable.


Delays in Treating Gastrointestinal Leaks


Due to the nature of a bariatric surgery, there is a high risk of gastrointestinal leaks.  This is because some surgeries require the cutting and re-routing of the stomach or intestines.  Other times this involves splicing, separating, or shrinking the stomach or intestines.  Because of the open cuts which then need to be re-closed, there is the potential for “leaks.”  This is a very dangerous situation because the leaks are of very hazardous material from the stomach or intestines which are high in bacteria.  The abdomen is a very good environment for this bacteria to fester and rapidly grow.  When the leak is missed, it can lead to a widespread infection including sepsis.  The longer the leak is not treated, the longer that the damage to the victim’s internal organs will continue.


Failing to Treat Possible Blood Clots


With any surgical procedure, there is the risk of blood clots because of the cutting of tissue.  Other times, clots could form due to the lack of mobility that a patient may have after a surgery.  A blood clot can become a life-threatening emergency very quickly.  Even a blood clot in the leg can cause devastating injuries to a victim, and further it could travel to the lungs or brain and result in wrongful death.  However, once a clot is diagnosed they can usually be very easily “busted” with medications and drugs which specialize in dissolving clots.  Thus, the longer that a clot is allowed to persist, the longer that the clot will cause damage to the victim.


Delays in Treating Reactions to Anesthesia


Anesthesia is a very powerful cocktail of drugs; one drug paralyzes, one drug numbs the body, and one drug puts you to sleep.  These drugs are very potent.  If there is a complication or a reaction to one of these drugs, it can easily cause significant damage to a person’s body.  This is particularly true of a person’s organs like the brain or lungs.  When a patient is experiencing the obvious signs of a reaction to anesthesia, particularly during a surgery or immediately after, there are certain counter medications and acts that medical providers can do to stop the reaction.  The longer that these countermeasures are not administered, the longer that the victim will suffer serious and potentially irreversible damage.


Delays in Treating Bariatric Surgery Complications Could be Caused by Minnesota Medical Malpractice


Bariatric surgery is a very serious procedure but generally safe.  While there are a lot of complications, many are easily identified and treated.  However, when these complications are not diagnosed or there are delays in treating them, it could result in very serious personal injuries to a victim of this type of medical malpractice.  If you may have been the victim of delayed treatment for bariatric surgery complications, call our Minnesota medical malpractice lawyer at Kuhlman Law, LLC.  We handle medical malpractice and surgical error cases throughout Minnesota, including St. Paul, Minneapolis, Rochester, Duluth, and many other cities throughout the state.


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