Delays in Treating Heart Attacks: Hospital Emergency Room Mistakes Can be Minneapolis Medical Malpractice

Doctors Delayed Treating My Heart Attack: When Hospital Emergency Rooms Make Mistakes Resulting in Minneapolis Medical Malpractice


Heart attacks are major medical emergencies.  As a Minneapolis medical malpractice lawyer, I know that victims of heart attacks need prompt treatment to prevent irreparable damage to their body and prevent wrongful death.  This is why I am having a “heart attack week” of medical malpractice posts regarding issues with heart attacks.  This is my second post in the series of five.


How Emergency Department and Emergency Room Delays can be Minneapolis Medical Malpractice


Minneapolis and St. Paul have the largest concentration of hospitals in Minnesota.  This is because there are the two largest metropolises in the state serving millions of patients.  Despite all of the healthcare providers, there can still be very busy and packed emergency departments with many patients waiting for treatment.  There can be a mix of very severely injured patients and those who may be less injured.  However, if a victim suffering from a heart attack is in that mix, that person needs to be treated immediately.


This is why hospitals employ a triage system wherein a triage nurse will evaluate the severity of patients in the emergency department.  Lesser-injured patients will not receive treatment quickly, whereas more severe patients will prioritized and be treated immediately.  When a victim comes in presenting signs of a heart attack, a hospital’s triage nurse will have to evaluate the complaints and immediately bring that patient into an emergency room bed for treatment and assessment.


However, this does not always happen.  Some triage nurses are not properly trained in the symptoms of heart attacks or fail to keep up with their continuing medical education (CME) requirements.  Other times nurses do not properly elevate a heart attack victim versus another victim.  Sometimes it is the hospital that is improperly staffed to handle these traumatic emergencies.


When a victim suffering from a heart attack is left to sit in the waiting room, he or she is literally suffering permanent damage as he or she sits there.  Every minute is more damage to the heart.  The longer treatment is delayed, the more intense the pain becomes and the damage worsens.


Top Causes of Emergency Department and Emergency Room Delays in Treating Heart Attacks


While there can be many causes of delaying heart attack treatment, there are some top causes which can result in Minneapolis medical malpractice.  The top causes of heart attack delayed treatments include the following:


  • Improper triage at the emergency room;
  • Inadequate emergency department staffing;
  • Improperly trained medical providers or staff;
  • Delaying in bringing a patient to an emergency room bed;
  • Misdiagnosing the symptoms of a heart attack as something less serious (like heart burn or muscle pain);
  • Confusing patients or mixing up charts;
  • Miscommunication errors; and
  • Many other causes of Minneapolis medical malpractice.


Was Your Heart Attack Treatment Delayed by a Hospital Emergency Department or Room?  You May Have a Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Case


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