Did a Doctor’s Failure to Diagnose A-Fib Cause Your Heart Failure? Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Failing to Diagnose A-Fib Can Result in Heart Failure: Learn How From Our Oregon Medical Malpractice Attorneys


The diagnosis of heart failure is a traumatizing, upsetting, and downright scary time in your life.  According to the American Heart Association, about 5.7 million Americans are living with heart failure.  This is a condition when your heart is not pumping blood as effectively as it should and your body’s needs for blood and oxygen are not being met.  This is because your heart has been overworked, burned out, damaged, partially blocked, or limited due to fluid.  Heart failure is a progressive disease which will continue to worsen as time continues, particularly if it is not treated or or patients fail to deviate from their unhealthy lifestyles.  Heart failure can lead to death or be a major contributing factor to a cause of death.  However, heart failure could be caused by Oregon medical malpractice without you even realizing it.


This is because the failure to diagnose atrial fibrillation, or A-fib, can lead to heart failure.  What is a travesty is that A-fib is entirely treatable, sometimes with steps such as just lifestyle changes or mild medication routines.  The failure to diagnose and treat A-fib can be major Oregon medical malpractice, particularly when it results in heart failure.  


A-fib is a condition where the heart’s four chambers are not beating in unison in an proper, efficient manner.  This results in some pooling of blood in the heart which could cause clots.  This also means that oxygenated blood is not being efficiently circulated throughout the body, creating an oxygen deprivation.  As a result, the heart is forced to work harder and faster to satisfy the oxygen needs of the body.  This is why causes damage to the heart which can lead to heart failure.


Proving Liability for Heart Failure When A-Fib is Misdiagnosed 


Medical malpractice is a type of negligence cause of action, which requires in an Oregon medical malpractice case for a victim to establish a duty, breach of duty, and damages caused by such breach.  Thus, in order to establish that your heart failure was caused by A-fib, you will need to establish that a reasonably prudent physician would have detected and diagnosed your A-fib before it became heart failure.  This is a duty, and is achieved through expert testimony who will review your medical record, complaints, and allegations.  If it is determined that a reasonably prudent physician in similar circumstances would have identified your A-fib and treated it, there may be a breach of a duty.


Next, you will need to establish that the failure to diagnose A-fib (the breach of what your doctor should have done) was the proximate cause of your heart failure.  This means that the doctor’s failure to diagnose your A-fib was the reason why you got heart failure.  Thus, you will have to rule out that you already had heart failure, that you would have developed it without A-fib, or that some other issue did not cause heart failure—including simple genetics.  This is again usually done by an expert, sometimes the same or sometimes a different “causation” expert.


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