Did You Recently Have a Blood Clot Then Get Diagnosed with A Fib? It May be Because of Oregon Medical Malpractice

A Fib May Have Been Undiagnosed Which Caused a Patient to Develop a Blood Clot: This Could be Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice


Did you recently have a random blood clot?  


Or suffer from a stroke, pulmonary embolism, or have some other clot disorder?  


Are you not really in the risk group for clots, such as younger individuals, active individuals, or those without any other risks?  


But after your blood clot emergency, were you recently diagnosed with atrial fibrillation or “A Fib”? 


If the answers to these questions is yes, you may be the victim of Oregon medical malpractice due to an undiagnosed A Fib or misdiagnosed A Fib condition!


What is Atrial Fibrillation or A Fib?  How Could it Form a Blood Clot?


A Fib is an irregular heartbeat.  This can be temporary to long-lasting.  It is when two of the heart’s chambers beat out of sync with the other two chambers.  When this happens, blood is not efficiently moving through the heart like it is supposed to.  This can lead to heart palpitations, weakness, fatigued, dizziness, and shortness of breath.  This can also allow blood to form and clot in certain areas of the heart.


When the heart does pump fully or the A Fib episodes leaves, the blood clots could be pumped throughout the body.  If the blood clot is large enough, it could lodge in a vessel and cause a stroke or heart attack.  Other times the blood clot could get caught in a vessel and not immediately cause harm.  But it could result in a build up of additional blood which could form a larger clot.  This is more common in the legs, which then result in clots to the lungs known as a pulmonary embolism or PE.


Anytime there is a blood clot in the body, there is going to be a deprivation of oxygen to that part of the body.  This will result in tissue damage.  This longer there is tissue damage, the more likely that a catastrophic injury will occur.  Blood clots are always dangerous and always have the risk of migrating somewhere where they could be fatal, like to the lungs, brain, or coronary arteries/vessels around the heart (causing a heart attack).


Reasons Why Your A Fib May Not Have Been Diagnosed Which Could Have Caused Your Blood Clot


A Fib is tricky in that it may not always be present.  It may come and go, or even be just exercise induced.  Sometimes it may not present itself for days, weeks, or months.  Other times it is always with you.


But this does not make it impossible to diagnose.  If you have any symptoms and tell them to your doctor, symptoms which could even include feeling the fluttering of your heart or even just excess fatigue, your doctor should do a diagnostic to check.  This could include something as simple as a family history and your basic habits (do you smoke, drink, heavy caffeine, high blood pressure, don’t work out?).  Even a basic listen to your heart with a scope can hear the signs of A Fib.  If this occurs, a doctor may check for swelling in your legs or feet or see if our thyroid gland (another risk factor) is enlarged.


If any of these warnings signs are present, you should either be referred or further tests like an EKG, a hotter monitor (which monitors your heart for 24-48 hours), a stress test, event monitor (a device you wear that you turn on when you feel symptoms), echocardiography, imaging studies, and blood tests.  These tests should yield evidence which could demonstrate the possibility of A Fib.


Did You Suffer Personal Injury From a Blood Clot Before You Were Diagnosed with A Fib?  You May be the Victim of Oregon Medical Malpractice


Oregon medical malpractice can be not just the affirmative acts taken by a doctor (like the surgery error of slipping with a scalpel), but also the omissions of a doctor such as not diagnosing a medical condition like A Fib.  Victims can be serious injured or wrongfully killed when A Fib is not diagnosed and a blood clot occurs.  If this happened to you, call our Central Oregon medical malpractice attorney to learn how we can help you.


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