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Understanding Dystonia: When Could it be Caused by Birth Injuries


One type of movement disorder is called dystonia.  This involves constant or sporadic muscle contractions such as shaking, twisting, repetitive movements, abnormal flexes/postures, or all of the body.  Dystonia is considered a type of cerebral palsy, which is a group of disorders effecting a wide-range of developmental, physiological, and other functional aspects of a person.  Dystonia is also referred to as athetoid cerebral palsy, dystonic cerebral palsy, or choreoathetoid cerebral palsy, and can also relate to dyskinetic cerebral palsy or spastic cerebral palsy, of which the exact classification depends on areas of injury.  But generally all of these forms manifest the substantially same symptoms.


Specific Characteristics Unique to Dystonia


Dystonia is characterized primarily by a motor function impediment.  This means that involuntary muscle constructions (flexion or rigidness/tenseness) is most common, with some limitations in muscle tone or development, looseness/relaxation.  Due to the tense muscles, it can interfere with a person’s ability to lay down or sit down, or to remain seated.  It may be difficult for a person to become comfortable while laying down.  This can obviously interfere with sleep.


This also means that dystonia can interfere with the way a person moves.  Movement can be very painful, as it may need to be done in a manner which overcomes certain flexed muscles.  In other manners, but rarer, muscle looseness or relaxation can also make it more difficult to move and muscles are not properly supporting a person’s frame.  But generally with dystonia, extremely flexed and rigid muscles create more of an issue than looseness.


Given the extreme flexed, rigid, contracted, and involuntary movements, individuals with dystonia are expending a lot of energy and calories.  Because of this, many individuals with dystonia suffer from malnutrition and may need weight gainer or high-caloric meal plans to ensure that they meet their caloric needs.


Causes of Dystonia


Research indicates that dystonia generally is caused by damage or disruption to the basal ganglia during development.  This is the area of the brain responsible for muscle contractions.  The damage caused here can affect the way that the nerves communicate with each other.  This means that they can not fire or send messages, or in the case of dystonia, repeatedly fire messages and requests when the body is not making same.


Damage to the basal ganglia can come in many forms.  This can unfortunately be genetic, which is indefensible.  But it could also be caused due to hypoxic conditions are birth, or the lack of oxygen to a newborn.  This hypoxic condition could be caused by natural or unnatural causes, including Oregon medical malpractice.  This includes a compromised or damage umbilical cord, excessive contractions, cord compression, or other damage to the newborn.  If it is established that these injuries were caused due to the reckless, careless, or otherwise negligent acts of a healthcare provider, it could allow a victim with dystonia to have his or her medical bills compensated.


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