Emotional Abuse or Psychological Abuse: Bend Oregon Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Understanding Central Oregon Emotional Abuse or Psychological Abuse: Bend Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Explains


When we hear nursing home abuse, we usually conjure images of physical abuse such as hitting, striking, cutting, burning, pushing, or otherwise harming a resident through direct physical contact.  While this is certainly true and a common type of Central Oregon nursing home abuse, there are many other types of abuse that a Bend nursing home abuse lawyer can help you with.  Some other types of abuse including sexual abuse, financial abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse or psychological abuse.  Of all the types of abuse, emotional abuse or psychological abuse is one of the more difficult types to identify and redress, particularly if the resident who is abuse is non-communicative or has difficulty expressing himself or herself.


What is Emotional Abuse or Psychological Abuse?


Emotional abuse or psychological abuse at a nursing home can be just as devastating if not more devastating than physical abuse.  This is because emotional abuse is ongoing and can linger in a resident’s mind long after the abuser has left.  It can change behavior and even create new behaviors that are self-destructive like self-harm.  Victims can become withdrawn from family and even still associating with family or friends.


There are several types of emotional abuse or psychological abuse which may constitute Bend nursing home abuse.  Some of the common types include the following:


  • Humiliating the resident;
  • Insulting the resident; 
  • Making threats of physical harm;
  • Harassing the resident;
  • Engaging in verbal tyrants or assaults on the resident;
  • Name calling;
  • Making fun of the resident;
  • Teasing the resident;
  • Making up lies about the resident or the resident’s family;
  • Purposely trying to confuse the resident;
  • Giving the resident the “silent treatment”;
  • Keeping the resident away from other or in isolation;
  • Making the resident perform uncomfortable tasks such as standing for long periods of time or facing the wall;
  • Leaving a resident in an uncomfortable place like on a toilet or in a bathtub for a long period of time; and
  • Many other forms of emotional abuse or psychological abuse.


Signs of Emotional Abuse and Psychological Abuse Which Warrant Investigation by a Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer


Emotional abuse and psychological abuse is one of the hardest types of Central Oregon nursing home abuse to detect.  This is because it is simply hard to establish the intent of a person causing the emotional abuse or psychological abuse directly, since the attacks are with words and not physical or traceable like financial abuse.  Adding to the difficulty is whether the resident is able to speak or identify what is going on, or even able to explain or recognize the efforts made by the wrongdoer are abusive.  


But the overall effect is what can be measured and the acts can be reviewed and determined whether they are intended to be abusive.  The impact on the resident is usually the first place to assess for emotional abuse or psychological abuse.  Some common signs and symptoms include the following:


  • The resident has ceased communicating or stops communicating regularly;
  • The resident is agitated for no apparent or known reason;
  • The resident is emotional upset or feels hopeless, worthless, or defeated for no apparent reason;
  • There is unusual behavior or changes in behavior, including self-harm behavior;
  • The resident is afraid of a certain nursing home employee, requests different help, or requests for multiple caregivers to be present at once;
  • Another employee witnesses possible verbal or emotional abuse and informs a superior, files a report, or checks in with a resident; and
  • Many other symptoms and signs.


Central Oregon Nursing Home Emotional Abuse or Psychological Abuse Can Result in Serious Personal Injuries and Harm


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