ENT Medical Malpractice: What is it and How is it St. Paul Medical Malpractice

Understanding ENT Medical Malpractice in Minnesota: Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains


An otolaryngologist is a type of doctor specializing in the care and treatment of patients with injuries, diseases, disorders, or other conditions of the ear, nose, throat, or other related structures in the neck, face, mouth, or head.  These types of physicians are known more commonly known as ear, norse, and throat doctors, or ENTs.  This type of physician performs many very necessary and important procedures to help patients who are in great pain.


However, when an ENT makes a mistake, it can result in very serious injury or suffering to a patient.  This is particularly true because ENTs are performing procedures, surgeries, and otherwise treating conditions in a very visible area of the body—the head and face.  This not only means injuries here are extremely painful, but it also means that injuries here are extremely embarrassing and can result in serious physical as well as emotional pain and suffering.


Common ENT Medical Malpractice Mistakes in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota


Both St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota have a large collection of medical providers, hospitals, and medical offices.  There are a lot of ENTs who competently perform wonderful surgeries for patients.  However, there are some ENT procedures or surgeries which do not go as wonderful.  Some common types of procedures and surgeries which may be caused by ENT medical malpractice includes the following:


  • Botched tonsillectomies;
  • Failed nose reconstructions;
  • Infections caused by procedures to the ear, nose, or throat;
  • Failing to properly perform ear stenting/drainage surgeries;
  • Misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose a cranial nerve disorder;
  • Improperly performing congenital disorders (from birth);
  • Failing to diagnose chronic sinusitis in the nose, resulting in permanent damage including permanent loss of smell;
  • Damaging a person’s throat, teeth, tongue, or mouth during a procedure, including causing permanent loss of taste;
  • Medication prescription errors;
  • Injuring the ear drum during a procedure, including causing permanent loss of hearing;
  • Failing to recognize and refer cancerous tumors;
  • Delaying in diagnosing cancer in the ear, nose, throat, or head;
  • Failing to recognize and treat tonsil and/or adenoid infections which result in serious permanent injury, including to the airways;
  • Failing to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD); and
  • Many other causes.


When an ENT fails to properly treat any of the above conditions, or fails to treat any other condition, complaint, or ailment you go to an ENT for, there could be a medical malpractice claim to speak with a Minneapolis medical malpractice lawyer about to learn your rights.  When in doubt, it is always important to speak with a trained lawyer because these types of injuries to the ears, nose, or throat can be permanent, incredibly painful, and extremely debilitating for months, years, or even a lifetime.


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ENT medical malpractice is very damaging both physically and emotionally.  Your medical bills and pain will be high, but the issues sensitive.  Our compassionate Minnesota medical malpractice lawyer handles cases throughout the state, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, and many other cities.  If you believe you may have been a victim of medical malpractice, call (612) 444-3374 to learn what your rights to compensation may be and to schedule your free appointment.  You may also contact us using our easy and convenient “contact us” box at the bottom of our website.  If we accept your case, we will conduct a thorough review of your case and advise you whether there may have been a serious medical mistake causing your injury.   There is no risk, and you do not owe us money unless we win your case.


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