Failing to Diagnose in a Nursing Home: Minneapolis Nursing Home Malpractice Lawyer Explains

When a Nursing Home Fails to Diagnose a Resident of a Condition, it Can be Minnesota Medical Malpractice


Residents of a nursing home are in this facility because they need care and treatment more than they can get at home, in an adult care facility, or in an assisting living facility.  Part of this care and treatment is assessing and diagnosing the residents of medical conditions that are present or may develop.  When a nursing home fails to identify and treat a resident’s condition, it can be Minnesota nursing home malpractice.  However, this is a very difficult type of nursing home malpractice to identify.  This is why I am hosting a two-week program of nursing home malpractice in Minnesota to help educate individuals.  Knowing and understanding your rights is the first step to protecting them from nursing home malpractice.


Liability When a Nursing Home Fails to Diagnose a Condition


Since a resident is under the constant care and treatment of a nursing home, the healthcare staff needs to be constantly evaluating the resident’s condition, vitals, and complaints to assess whether there is another condition or ailment causing a problem.  Even a slight delay can result in serious injury or death.  This care and treatment is ongoing for the duration of the resident’s stay.


When a resident develops a condition that is not diagnosed, there could be a claim for nursing home malpractice.  This is when the nursing home and its staff failed to adhere to the standard of care of a reasonably prudent nurse, physician, or healthcare provider at a nursing home.  The individual healthcare provider may be liable for the nursing home malpractice to the victim.  In addition, the nursing home itself will be vicariously liable for all negligent acts or omissions of its employees which occurred within the scope of employment.


If a nursing home or its healthcare staff violates a statute or regulation, it could automatically prove negligence or be evidence of negligence.  This means that a victim may use statutory or regulatory violations to help prove his or her case.  When a nursing home violates its internal policies and procedures, that can also be used as prove to demonstrate negligent errors on behalf of the nursing home facility.


Common Conditions Which are Misdiagnoses at a Nursing Home Due to Medical Malpractice


Even though a nursing home staff must constantly be evaluating a resident, some providers fail to do so.  Some nursing homes may be understaffed or improperly trained, which also could result in delays in diagnoses, misdiagnoses, or a failure to diagnose.


Some conditions that are commonly misdiagnosed due to nursing home malpractice in Minnesota include the following:


  • Bedsore, pressure sore, or pressure ulcer;
  • Heart attacks;
  • Strokes;
  • Pulmonary embolisms;
  • Cancer;
  • Brain bleeding;
  • Medication interactions;
  • Infections;
  • Sepsis;
  • Malnourishment;
  • Dehydration;
  • Deep vein thomsbosis;
  • Urinary tract infections;
  • Glaucoma; and
  • Other serious health conditions.


Victims of Nursing Home Misdiagnosis Should Call a Minneapolis Nursing Home Malpractice Attorney


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