Failure to Diagnose A Fib: Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses Atrial Fibrillation

When a Doctor’s Failure to Diagnose A Fib Causes Serious Personal Injuries or Wrongful Death: Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer


Atrial fibrillation, or “A Fib,” is a serious medical condition that must be diagnosed and treated.  While the diagnosis of A Fib is not usually life-threatening or deadly, living with A Fib without the proper care and treatment could result in life-threatening complications.  This is because A Fib can result in blood clots in the heart which could be pumped to other organs.  These clots can result in very serious complications and wrongful death.  Doctors that fail to diagnose A Fib could be liable for Oregon medical malpractice, including if the failure to diagnose results in the wrongful death of a patient.


What is A Fib?


Atrial fibrillation, or A Fib, is an irregular heartbeat.  This is when the heart’s two upper chambers known as the atria, beat irregularly and out of sync or coordination with the two lower chambers known as the ventricles.  Because of this, the heart is not functioning efficiently and it is not working as it is supposed to.  This leads to heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and weakness.


The tricky thing about A Fib is it is not always present, and may come and go.  It may also not last long enough for a doctor to diagnose.  But other times it comes back and it will not go away, and that is when a doctor needs to be able to identify and treat A Fib.  The failure to diagnose and treat A Fib will result in serious health consequences.


Complications from Failing to Diagnose A Fib: Central Oregon Medical Malpractice


Since A Fib results in the irregular heart beat and often fast heart beat, it can have many different complications which could result in serious harm to a patient.  The highest risk is for a stroke.  This is because the heart is not beating efficiently, and there is blood being pumped in a manner that it is not intended to be pumped.  This allows for some areas of the heart to pool blood until the A Fib passes, or the blood gets pushed out.  Pooled blood will coagulant and turn into a clot.  When that blood is pumped out of the heart, that clot is being sent anywhere through the body and can result into a stroke, or less likely into pulmonary embolism.  Anytime there are clots coming right from the heart, the clots are being dispersed throughout the body and that is very dangerous.


Untreated and undiagnosed A Fib can also result in heart failure.  This is because the heart is required to work much harder than it normally should.  This is because the four chambers are not working in unison, so the heart is not functioning properly.  This means that the heart will have to beat harder and faster to get oxygen-rich blood spread throughout the body than it normally should.  Because of this, the heart is prone to “burning out” and being overworked, which means that it will fail.  In addition, this also means that a heart attack could be a common complication from failing to diagnose A Fib due to Central Oregon medical malpractice.


Did Your Doctor Fail to Diagnose Your A Fib Until it Was Too Late?  Call Kuhlman Law, LLC to Learn Your Rights to Compensation


A Fib can result in a serious host of complications ranging from stroke, heart failure, heart attack, and other ailments which frequently result in permanent damage to the heart or body.  Because of this, failing to diagnose A Fib can be fatal and Oregon medical malpractice.  This is quite devastating because, in most cases, A Fib can be corrected with the use of medication.  In fact, the serious and deadly consequences of A Fib can be completely managed with a simple medication.  This makes the Oregon medical malpractice even more egregious.


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