Failure to Diagnose a Stroke is Serious Minnesota Medical Malpractice

Delays and Failing to Diagnose a Stroke is Medical Malpractice and Can Result in the Wrongful Death of a Patient


A stroke is a serious and life-threatening medical emergency.  When a patient goes to the emergency room while suffering a stroke, he or she really needs immediate medical treatment to prevent serious and irreversible damage.  When a patient does not get proper treatment due to a misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis, or from failing to treat the stroke, it could be medical malpractice.


What is a Stroke and Why is it Dangerous?


A stroke is when a person’s blood supply to a part of the whole brain is interrupted, reduced, or fully blocked.  This deprives the brain tissue of oxygen and nutrients and causes the death of cells.  The longer the brain is deprived of oxygen, the more damage that is done to the brain issue and the less likely that the condition can be reversed.


The longer the brain is deprived of oxygen, the more likely the emergency will result in the death of the patient.  While up to about 20% of strokes are fatal, timely and proper intervention can allow a stroke to be completely treatable.


Reasons Why a Stroke is Misdiagnosed Due to Medical Malpractice


While there are several reasons why a stroke is misdiagnosed, the most common cause is a failure to recognize the signs and symptoms of a stroke.  This could occur by the healthcare provider such as a doctor who does not recognize the condition when it first occurs.  This could also occur when the triage or intake nurse fails to identify that the patient is suffering from a stroke.  If the patient is not triaged properly, he or she may die waiting in the emergency room or on an ambulance gurney in the hallway.


The failing to diagnose a stroke is medical malpractice and can destroy a person’s life and an entire family.


Damages Caused by a Failure to Diagnose a Stroke Due to Minnesota Medical Malpractice


When a healthcare provider fails to diagnose a stroke, he or she is condemning a patient to a life of pain and disability.  Some other common consequences of undiagnosed strokes including the following conditions:


  • Brain injuries including irreversible and permanent damage;
  • Seizures due to the brain damage;
  • Loss of vision;
  • Serious and uncontrolled nerve pain throughout the body;
  • Depression or anxiety;
  • Memory problems;
  • Loss of taste;
  • Balance issues;
  • Permanent vertigo;
  • Loss of smell;
  • Difficulty with language, either speaking or understanding words;
  • Difficulty focusing;
  • Loss of hearing;
  • Physical disability such as lack of muscle control;
  • Inability to walk and need to re-teach;
  • Paralysis;
  • Death; and
  • Other serious medical conditions.


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