Failure to Diagnose Blood Clot After Cesarean Section – Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyers Explains

Failing to Diagnose a Blood Clot/Pulmonary Embolism (PE) during pregnancy or delivery can be deadly and constitute medical malpractice


Blood clots or pulmonary embolisms (PEs) are serious medical conditions and if not treated properly can kill patients or cause serious life threatening injuries.  A pulmonary embolism is a blockage in one of the arteries that goes to the lungs.  During pregnancy, pulmonary embolisms occur mush more frequently in patients that have C-Sections as opposed to vaginal deliveries and should be on a provider, OB/GYN, or doctor’s radar of possible complications throughout pregnancy and after delivery.  C-Sections are known as risks for causing blood clots to form deep inside a patient’s vein (deep vein thrombosis).  Since PEs are a known risk, doctors and hospitals should monitor mothers after C-Section delivery very carefully, including their vital signs, incisional bleeding, and uterine tone.  If a blood clot is suspected, they should refer the mother for immediate testing or treatment.


Several diagnostic tests can be performed to diagnose a blood clot, including, echocardiagrams, angiography, venography, d-dimmer tests, ultrasounds, MRIs, and CT scans and if a pulmonary embolism is suspected or confirmed the patient can be given blood thinners or surgical intervention to treat it.


Failing to diagnose or treat blood clot after C-Section can be Oregon medical malpractice

Pulmonary Embolisms often come with symptoms that a trained OB/GYN, doctor, midwife, or hospital should immediately recognize.  These symptoms can include: chest pains, coughing, shortness of breath, leg pain, swelling in the leg, fever, irregular heartbeat, or dizziness.  Further, due to the seriousness of blood clots in cesarean section mothers, immediate diagnostic testing should be performed if the doctor suspects a PE.  A wait-and-see approach can be catastrophic and even lead to the death of an otherwise healthy patient.


Oregon Medical Malpractice Attorneys Helping Victims of Blood Clots/Pulmonary Embolisms after giving birth

If you or a loved one suffered a blood clot, pulmonary embolism, or deep vein thrombosis shortly after giving birth or undergoing a C-section, contact the Oregon birth injury lawyers at Kuhlman Law, LLC.  We handle birth injury and medical malpractice claims where the mother has died or became seriously injured as a result of a medical mistake or failure to diagnose and treat a blood clot.  Contact us to learn more about your rights.  We offer a free case evaluation and if we accept your case will help you get the answers you deserve and fight to hold the hospital, doctor, or midwife accountable who committed this mistake so that your child will have the care he or she needs and to do our best to ensure that this same mistake never happens again in the future.


We handle C-Section medical malpractice cases throughout Oregon, including Bend, Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, Deschutes County, Central Oregon, Redmond, Sisters, The Dalles, Madras, Prineville, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Salem, Prineville, Medford, Newport, Astoria, Coos Bay, Sisters, Clackamas County, Hood River, Vancouver, Washington.  Oregon City, Hllsboro, and Tigard, We also handle C-Section blood clot medical malpractice cases in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, St. Paul, Minnesota and throughout the country and have co-counseled with other top attorneys to handle cases locally.


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