Fatal Oregon Nursing Home Medication Errors: Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Fatal Medication Errors in an Oregon Nursing Home: Liability Explained by Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer


It is not an easy decision to place a loved one in a nursing home.  But many times this is a medical necessity.  This could be because we are unable to provide the amount of care a loved one needs, such as around the clock care or care during the day when we may need to go to work (which helps pay for nursing care).  Other times our loved one needs a certain amount of medical treatment and care that we cannot provide, like changing of bandages, handling wound care (pressure ulcers), and other needs.  Furthermore, there may prescription plans or regimens which most also be followed.  These can be complicated and have side effects which a trained medical professional may need to supervise.  This is another important reason why individuals may need nursing home care.  But when Oregon nursing home malpractice occurs due to medications errors and it results in a wrongful death, it can frustrate the exact reason we why place loved ones in nursing homes which should be reviewed by a Portland medical malpractice lawyer.


Prescription Errors and Medication Mistakes in Oregon Nursing Homes


Medications and prescriptions are powerful substances.  They are crafted to create a specific response in the body.  Meaning, these drugs will interact with specific parts of your body to create a response.  The medication target this area and invoke that response.  It is a powerful mechanism and concept anytime something is being ingested to create a physiological response.


This is why a medication error could be catastrophic or fatal.  This is because an overdose or under dose could have a response that is not intended.  Or a response which could snowball and result in even worse injuries.  When a medication error results into an interaction with another medication or drug, it can also result in a powerful response.  This is why some individuals choose to place loved ones in nursing homes—to manage these risks and avoid these mistakes that a medical-layperson may make. 


But there are many ways which a medical professional may still create medication errors which result in Oregon nursing home malpractice.  Some common mistakes which may result in very serious personal injury or wrongful death in prescription errors or medication mistakes in a nursing home include the following:


  • Overdoses (giving too many pills, too often, or the wrong dosage amount);
  • Under dosage (giving too few pills, not as often, or too weak, or allowing the medication to be diluted, which could result in the under dosage of medications that need to be fully medications like anti-clotting to diabetes medication);
  • Wrong patient medication (giving the wrong prescription to the wrong patient);
  • Contraindications (giving medications that interact negatively, either by ordering new medications at the nursing home or giving over-the-counter medications without checking prescription medications);
  • Giving medications which interaction horrible with a patient (i.e., giving ibuprofen which can thin blood to an individual who has a bleeding disorder); and
  • Many other errors.


Oregon Nursing Home Medication Errors Can Result in Very Serious Personal Injuries Which Should be Immediately Reviewed


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