How Can an Infection be Minnesota Medical Malpractice: Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

Understanding Infections and How They Can Be Medical Malpractice: Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains


Last week I did “heart attack week” which explained how heart attacks can be medical malpractice.  I explored what rights victims of delayed diagnoses, misdiagnoses, and wrongful deaths had against negligent hospitals and doctors.  This week I am going to focus on infections and medical malpractice in an “infection malpractice week.”  As a Minneapolis medical malpractice lawyer, my purpose is to both educate and help victims understand how an infection could be caused by medical malpractice and why damages from an infection could be very serious, debilitating, and even fatal.


What is an Infection?


We have all heard of an infection, but the key to understanding how an infection could be the cause of medical malpractice is to understand the definition.  In general terms, an infection is an invasion of microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses that are not normally in the body.  Infections begin to cause health concerns when they are allowed to uncontrollably grow.  The longer the infection continues, the longer the microorganisms have to multiply.  When the infection is so large, it can have a direct impact on our health by causing damage.  Other times an infection could be so large that our body fights it off but ends up causing damage to itself in doing so.


How Are Infections Related to Medical Malpractice?


There are several ways how an infection can be related to medical malpractice.  The two broad categories are failing to identify, diagnose, and treat an infection, and causing the infection.  Both of these two types can be medical malpractice.


First, delays in diagnosing and infection or misdiagnosing an infection can result in very serious injury or wrongful death to a patient.  This is particularly true when the victim is a young child or older adult, or when the infection is drug-resistant or in a patient’s central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).  Because an infection is an invasion of microorganisms in the body, the longer these microorganisms have to grow and multiple, the more damage they will cause and the more difficult it will be to get the infection under control.  If the delay is significant, the infection could result to sepsis which is life-threatening.


Second, when a healthcare provider causes the infection it could be attributed to medical malpractice.  Ways that hospitals, doctors, and healthcare provides cause an infection is by using unsterilized equipment, failing to follow protocols, introducing bacteria to patients, surgical infections, and hospital-acquired infections.


How do I Know if I Have a Minnesota Medical Malpractice Case for an Infection?


It can be difficult to determine whether you have a medical malpractice case against a healthcare provider for an infection.  But there are some indicators that you should be aware of that should raise a red flag.


For example, anytime you come to a hospital or healthcare office without an infection and leave with an infection, you should be suspicious.  If you develop and infection inside for your after surgery, particularly after abdominal surgery, you should contact a lawyer.  If you have had a procedure performed like a colonoscopy and you are having prolonged stomach or abdominal pain and subsequently develop and infection, you may have a tear or rupture which requires treatment.  Lastly, anytime you develop an infection without explanation after being treated by a healthcare provider, and such infection results in serious personal injury or the death of the victim, contact a medical malpractice lawyer.


Serious Injured from an Infection?  Call a Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Lawyer


Victims who have been seriously injured or killed due to a healthcare provider’s medical malpractice in diagnosing, treating,, or otherwise handling an infection should call our Minneapolis medical malpractice lawyer to learn his or her rights.  Victims may be entitled to have pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages compensated.


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