How Do I Know if Cerebral Palsy Was Caused by Medical Malpractice? Portland & Bend Medical Malpractice Lawyer

How to Tell if Cerebral Palsy Was Caused by Oregon Medical Malpractice?  Portland & Bend Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains


Cerebral palsy is a devastating diagnosis for an individual and his or her family.  This diagnosis is made very young, meaning that the hardest years of upbringing will only be harder for the parents.  Cerebral palsy, or CP, is a series of conditions and disorders caused by damage to the developing brain.  These injuries commonly result in motor movement function issues and complications, particularly with voluntary and involuntary movement and fine motor skill, as well as coordination, balance, and general movement.  While cerebral pals can be caused by many natural causes, there are some instances where cerebral palsy is caused by Oregon medical malpractice.  The issue is determining how the cerebral palsy was caused by medical errors as opposed to natural causes.  The best way to tell if cerebral palsy was caused by medical malpractice is to contact a Portland medical malpractice lawyer for a free case evaluation.


Evidence of Oregon Medical Malpractice Causing Cerebral Palsy


It may seem like bad fate, but cerebral palsy may not be caused by just natural causes or genetics.  In some horrible cases, healthcare providers and their insurance companies may even calm that the parents are at fault and the cause of the cerebral palsy.  But usually when this occurs, it is the defendants and insurance companies trying to pass blame for their mistakes.  This should be the first sign that there may have been medical errors causing cerebral palsy.


Some signs of possible medical malpractice which could have caused cerebral palsy include the following:


  • Skull fractures;
  • Facial or head injuries;
  • Prolapsed umbilical cord;
  • Signs of fetal distress at birth;
  • Low fetal heart rate;
  • Low fetal oxygen levels;
  • Contracted muscles (curled hands, toes, and flexed muscles);
  • Arched back (contracted muscle);
  • Seizures;
  • Signs of sensory issues such as eyesight or hearing (unresponsive to normally stimulating events); 
  • Tremors or weak reflexes; and
  • Many other signs.


Of these signs, there are several possible causes where Oregon medical malpractice may have caused or contributed to the cerebral palsy.  These examples of medical errors resulting in cerebral palsy include the following:


  • Failure to properly monitor the fetal heart rate;
  • Failing to monitor and read and/or interpret fetal monitoring strips for contractions (checking for accelerations and decelerations which are not excessive);
  • Failing to guard against, monitor, identify, and act on a prolapsed or ruptured umbilical cord; 
  • Delaying an emergency c-section;
  • Improper use of forceps and vacuum extractor, including excessive use;
  • Improper and/or excessive use of pitocin (drugs to induce labor);
  • Improper care of newborn after delivery;
  • Failing to check, monitor, and treat infections or bleeding in the baby; and
  • Many other causes.


The Best Way to Learn if Oregon Medical Malpractice Caused Cerebral Palsy in Your Child is to Consult with a Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer


When doctors and healthcare providers may have caused you and your beloved baby harm, you have rights under Oregon law.  This includes when your baby has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which may have been the result or serious medical errors, recklessness, carelessness, and other negligence.  If this happens to you, the best way to learn if the cerebral palsy your child suffered from was caused by medical negligence is to consult with a Portland medical malpractice lawyer.


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