How to Win a Delay in Cancer Diagnosis Case in Minnesota: Minneapolis-St. Paul Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases Are Serious Instances of Medical Malpractice


One of the worst diagnoses that any patient can get is cancer.  We all know how devastating cancer can be to a person and to an entire family.  While medical advancements and technology has made the fight against cancer stronger than ever before, this does not take away from the catastrophic damage that cancer does.  When this cancer is allowed to fester and grow without treatment due to a misdiagnosis, it can be even more devastating.


How Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases Happen


A cancer misdiagnosis, delay in diagnosis, and missed diagnosis does not occur in a vacuum.  There are usually several possible entities and persons liabile for the medical malpractice.  This is because a primary care physician may receive the symptoms and refer to a specialist for review.  A specialist may perform a biopsy and send it to a pathologist.  The pathologist may perform a test and send the results back to all participants.


During this process there are several nurses, technicians, and other assistants evaluating, performing tests, and forwarding test results.  Given all of these transfers of information, the most common cause of a cancer misdiagnosis case is actually communication.  In fact, the largest cause medical malpractice is miscommunication between providers and patients.


Another common cause is simply not having the training and skill necessary to diagnose the cancer.  Tests and imaging can be misread or suspicious conditions not noticed.  This can be medical malpractice.


Damages in Cancer Misdiagnosis Cancers


Proving damages in a cancer misdiagnosis case can be difficult to do and requires a Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota medical malpractice attorney with the knowledge and passion to zealously represent a victim.  This is because any diagnosis of cancer will result in a patient having to undergo chemotherapy, radiation, and usually surgery.  The delay in cancer can be hard to prove what the patient would have had to go through if cancer was timely caught versus what it would be now.


Thus, one of the most common damages in cancer cases is not just what the patient underwent, but what the patient may in the future have to undergo.  This includes the percentage that the cancer will return and how deadly it will be.  For instance, if cancer is caught early at stage 1 it may only have a 10% chance to come back and be 5% fatal.  But if the cancer is misdiagnosed and allowed to grow to stage 3, it may have a 60% chance to come back and will be fatal 80% of the time.  It is this enhanced damages that a victim can be compensated strongly for.


Additionally, if a victim is killed due to the misdiagnosis of cancer that is also an obvious damage.  If the cancer could have been caught at stage 1 when it was 95% treatable, but there is a lengthy delay in detecting it and it eventually kills the patient, the family of the victim will have a very serious wrongful death case.


Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases are Horrible and Require Legal Representation from Kuhlman Law, LLC


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