I had a Heart Attack: What is it and Why it needs to be Diagnosed Quickly – Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Lawyer explains

Understanding Heart Attacks: What is a Heart Attack and Why does it Need to be Diagnosed Quickly


As a Minneapolis medical malpractice lawyer, I know how important it is to immediately diagnose and treat a heart attack in Minnesota.  This is why I am committed to having “heart attack awareness week” where I will explore the various legal issues associated with heart attack cases and how medical malpractice can contribute to personal injuries.  This is because heart attacks are major medical emergencies and as time passes during a heart attack the amount of damage to the heart and to the body increases.  Delays in treating heart attacks can easily be fatal, and they can be medical malpractice when the delays are caused by the hospital emergency room or other healthcare providers.


If you have had a heart attack and suffered permanent damage to your heart, read on to learn if medical malpractice may have caused your injuries.


What is a Heart Attack?


A heart attack is known as a myocardial infarction and occurs when there is a blockage to one or more coronary arteries which can reduce or completely stop blood flow to the heart.  This starves all or part of the heart muscle from having oxygen.  Heart attacks generally occur as a result of plague buildups, which are a waxy substance that builds in your arteries.  When these plague buildups break off, they can get caught in an artery and form a blood clot or blockage.  This is what blocks or restricts blood flow.


Why is it Important to Treat a Heart Attack Quickly?


It is important to treat a heart attack quickly for several reasons.  The longer that the heart muscle does not have sufficient oxygen, or any oxygen, the more damage that will occur to the heart.  When the arteries are completely blocked, the heart is not receiving oxygen to parts of it which will affect how it works by pumping blood to the rest of the body.  This can literally kill parts of your heart.  Some parts of the heart, if they die off, will completely stop the heart from working.  Other parts of the heart if damaged or killed will not work, but the heart may still be able to work, but with less efficiency.


In cases where the artery is only partially blocked, scar tissue may form around the heart from the continuing damage.  This scar tissue can result in the heart not functioning properly, even if the heart attack is eventually relieved.  This means that, despite the best treatment options, the heart will never function properly.


How Can Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Result in Damages During a Heart Attack?


When a patient is having a heart attack which is misdiagnosed, there is a delay in the diagnosis, or the diagnosis is completely missed, a victim can result in significant injury which is irreparable and permanent.  This means that a victim can never regain full strength of the heart.  In other situations, the scar tissue can completely destroy how the heart works and prevent it from working properly and even causing it to spasm and rupture.


This is why patients that are having the signs of a heart attack, but are not promptly treated may have a Minneapolis medical malpractice claim.  Other times patients may be discharged prematurely from a hospital emergency department before the heart attack symptoms were properly treated and abated.  This can further lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit.  If you are unsure what occurred or you have concerns about the medical treatment your loved one received, it is best to contact a medical malpractice lawyer in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Rochester, or anywhere else in Minnesota to learn more about your rights.


Did You Have a Heart Attack?  Was Your Heart Permanently Injured?  Call a Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Lawyer to Learn if that Permanent Damage was Due to Hospital Negligence


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