Infant Bell’s Palsy due to Oregon Medical Malpractice

Oregon Medical Malpractice Causing Infant Bell’s Palsy and Facial Nerve Injuries 


There are many types of birth injuries which could be particularly devastating to a newborn baby.  One of the more serious types of birth injuries are nerve injuries, especially facial nerve injuries.  Compared to an adult, a newborn baby’s nerves are thin and small making them susceptible to injury.  This is particularly true of the facial nerves.  Thus, when Oregon medical malpractice results in serious injuries to the facial nerves, an infant could end up with Bell’s Palsy.


Unfortunately, when a birth injury causes Bell’s Palsy it could be extremely debilitating and permanent.  It could also lead to other facial issues such as excessive tearing or dry eyes.  It could also affect the senses of hearing and taste.  When Bell’s Palsy occurs in a newborn baby, it is usually due to avoidable medical errors and mistakes which may constitute Oregon medical malpractice.


What is Bell’s Palsy?


Bell’s Palsy is an injury to a nerve or nerves in the face which result in paralysis or weakness.  Usually this paralysis or weakness is isolated to one region or one side of the face.  This is because one branch or part of a branch of the face is injured.  While the symptoms are usually temporary in an infant, they could be permanent and result in a lifelong disability for the infant.  Bell’s Palsy could also result in health issues or complications for a newborn.


Causes of Bell’s Palsy Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice


There are many possible causes of Bell’s Palsy.  While it is true that Bell’s Palsy could be caused by unavoidable or even natural consequences of the birthing process, unfortunately most times Bell’s Palsy is caused by preventable medical errors or reckless mistakes.  Some fo the most common causes for Bell’s Palsy in a newborn include the following:


  • Improper use of extraction tools like forceps or the vacuum extractor;
  • Failing to monitor and prevent excessive contractions which press on a baby’s face;
  • Cuts or abrasions during the birthing process caused by a doctor’s hands or use of tools;
  • Improper handling of a baby after birth;
  • Failing to care for infections post-birth;
  • Oxygen deprivation during the birthing process; and
  • Many there causes.


Does Your Child Have Infant Bell’s Palsy?  Call Us


If your loved one has Bell’s Palsy, there is a chance that it could have naturally occurred.  Unfortunately, there is a higher chance that your infant’s Bell’s Palsy was caused by medical errors, mistakes, or negligence.  This type of Oregon medical malpractice could cause temporary injuries, but they could also result in permanent damage to a baby’s facial nerves.  Other complications affecting a baby’s eyesight, hearing, taste, and other senses.  This means that a baby may need specialized care and treatment for his or her whole life due to the medical mistakes of a healthcare provider.


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