Minneapolis Nursing Home Malpractice: Important Information to Protect Your Rights

Victims of Nursing Home Malpractice in Minnesota Should Call Our Minneapolis Nursing Home Malpractice Attorney


Nursing home malpractice in Minnesota is a serious problem, particularly in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Rochester, and other major cities.  But nursing home malpractice, particularly neglect, abuse, misdiagnoses, and failing to refer are often difficult to detect.  This is particularly true if the resident is recovering from a very serious injury or ailment.  This is why I am dedicating two weeks to nursing home malpractice issues which will help identify some common nursing home malpractice problems, explain how to protect you or your loved ones’ rights, and show you how a Minneapolis nursing home malpractice lawyer can help.


Understanding Minneapolis Nursing Home Malpractice: What Can it Encompass?


When we hear of nursing home malpractice, most people initially think of nursing home abuse and neglect.  Indeed, these are common issues which are widely publicized in the media, and both can result in serious personal injuries or the wrongful death of a nursing home resident.  However, nursing home malpractice cases are often much more than that.


For instance, one of the most common types of nursing home malpractice is the failure to prevent, identify, and properly treat a pressure ulcer or pressure sore.  These are “never events,” meaning they should never occur in a nursing home setting with proper care and treatment.  But when they do, they can result in excruciating pain and suffering.  Another common issue are medication errors.  These are errors when providers mix up medications, fail to check interactions, or overdose a patient.  These are also very serious issues.


But some lesser types of nursing home malpractice include a failure to diagnose a condition.  This could be missing the signs of an infection, failing to identify cardiac distress, or not recognizing other trauma—particularly in relation to a fall.  Failing to refer a patient to the hospital or a specialist is also a lesser-known type of nursing home malpractice which can also be very difficult to identify or prove in court.


The bottomline is that, while a nursing home cannot guarantee a perfect outcome, a nursing home must still adhere to the standard of care in treating its patients and residents.  There are so many different types of nursing home malpractice claims that could occur, and they are all difficult to identify and prove because the providers hold all the facts and witnesses, including the patient.  This is why if there is ever an adverse result from a nursing home interaction, just contact a Minneapolis nursing home lawyer for a free consultation to learn if you or your loved one’s rights were violated.


How Long Do I Have To Commence a Minnesota Nursing Home Claim?


If you suspect that you or a loved one may have been the victim of nursing home malpractice, your time to file a claim is limited by the statute of limitations.  Depending on what specifically occurred, your lawsuit will have a time period that it will need to be started.  The facts of your case will determine which statute of limitations applies.  In Minnesota – assaults, sexual assaults, negligence (personal injury), medical malpractice, and wrongful death claims all have differing statute of limitations (some much shorter than others, which is why it is always important to consult an attorney who handles nursing home claims.


If you fail to commence your lawsuit within this right time period, even the most meritorious of cases can be procedurally dismissed.  Thus, it is very important to not delay in seeking legal advice if you or a loved one may have been injured by to nursing home malpractice.


Damaging in a Nursing Home Malpractice Case


Victims of nursing home malpractice in Minnesota may be entitled to compensatory damages for their injuries.  These damages can be for a variety of losses, including the following:


  • Past pain and suffering;
  • Future pain and suffering;
  • Lost wages;
  • Medical bills;
  • Loss of services, consortium, or affection;
  • Future surgeries or care;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life; and
  • Many other damages.


There may be other damages that may be recovered, including due to medical liens.  This is why it is important for victims of nursing home malpractice cases to consult with a Minneapolis medical malpractice lawyer to learn what rights to compensation they may have.


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