Minnesota Medical Malpractice Alert: Surgical Errors During Spinal Surgeries Paralyze Victims


Surgical Medical Malpractice Involving Spinal Errors Can Paralyze or Kill Patients and is Minnesota Medical Malpractice


All back surgeries are risky surgeries which requires the skill, training, and care of an experienced surgeon.  This is why surgeons spend years in medical school, rotations, an internship, and in residency learning their craft before they begin to perform these risky surgeries.  Unfortunately, this is not always enough to prevent serious surgical errors which can maim, paralyze, or even kill a patient on the operating table.


Here at Kuhlman Law, LLC, we know that surgical errors while operating on the back or spine cause catastrophic, permanent, and debilitating injuries to a patient and his or her family.  These surgical errors will have significant physical, emotional, and financial repercussions on the enough household.  If you or a loved one has been injured due to the Minnesota medical malpractice of a surgeon in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, or anywhere else in the state, call us today for a FREE consultation by dialing (612) 444-3374 to learn how we can protect your rights.


Common Surgical Errors During Back and Spinal Surgeries


There are many different types of back surgeries that a patient may undergo, including commonly a laminectomy (removal of a part of the bone by the spinal column), a discectomy (removal of a portion of the disc), or a spinal fusion (fusing two vertebra together to form one with hardware).  These are all major surgeries and performed near magic nerves, arteries, vessels, muscles, tendons, and of course the spinal cord itself.


Some common surgical errors during spinal surgeries include the following:


  • Drilling at the wrong angle and damaging a vital structure like a nerve, blood vessel, or the spinal cord;
  • Causing an infection;
  • Slipping with a knife;
  • Taking too long during the surgery and causing serious swelling or blood loss;
  • Using excessive force during the surgery;
  • Administrating too much or too little anesthesia;
  • Removing too much bone;
  • Putting too much pressure on the spinal cord;
  • Failing to use sterilized equipment;
  • Causing an infection;
  • Slipping while using a tool;
  • Wrong-site surgery;
  • Wrong patient surgery;
  • Not maintaining strong blood pressure;
  • Using the wrong hardware;
  • Operating at the wrong disc or vertebra level; or
  • Many other mistakes.


Generally, these mistakes are all medical malpractice.  Even though the surgery is risky, by becoming a back surgeon and by accepting a patient and electing to proceed with the surgery, the surgeon is accepting the risks.  Extreme caution must always be used during spinal surgeries, which unfortunately most surgeons do not always do which result in medical mistakes.


Common Injuries from Surgical Malpractice During Spinal Surgeries


Since the spine and back are next to extremely vital structures in the body, surgical errors during spine and back surgery usually cause devastating and debilitating injuries to victims of medical malpractice.  These common injuries include the following:


  • Paralysis including paraplegia or quadriplegia;
  • Life-threatening infections;
  • Additional surgeries;
  • Irreversible damage to a vertebra or disc;
  • Extreme range of motion decreases;
  • Permanent leg, knee, or foot pain;
  • Back pain for the rest of a patient’s life;
  • Inability to turn neck;
  • Unable to pick up weight, such as grocery bags or grandchildren;
  • Pins and needles;
  • Permanent loss of movement;
  • Extreme and unexplained shooting pain;
  • Need for crutches or wheelchair; or


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