Misdiagnosed Colorectal Cancer: Oregon Medical Malpractice

Oregon Medical Malpractice Causing Misdiagnosed Colorectal Cancer or Delayed Diagnosis


Behind only lung cancer, colorectal cancer is the second most deadly cancer.  According to the National Cancer Institute, there are approximately 135,000 new cases each year and an estimated 1.3 million Americans living with colorectal cancer.  The general 5-year survival rate is 64.9%, which is more specifically related to the stage that the cancer is in.  For instance, in the first stage when the cancer is localized the survival rate is 89.9%, whereas once the cancer has metastasized the survival rate is only 13.9%.  Because of these statistics, it is important to timely diagnose and aggressively treat colorectal cancer.


However, sometimes Oregon medical malpractice prevents this early detection.  When some medical professionals make mistakes in the care and treatment of a patient, a cancer misdiagnosis like colorectal cancer can be missed.  This can be a death sentence to a patient, especially when it is due to a preventable error which becomes a big mistake.  This is because the longer the time before a diagnosis is made, the longer that the cancer will be allowed to sit and fester inside of a patient and grow stronger, more difficult to cure.  This type of cancer misdiagnosis can be medical malpractice.


Why is Colorectal Cancer Misdiagnosed Due to Medical Malpractice?


There are many reasons why cancer misdiagnoses happen.  But with a cancer like colorectal cancer, which is the fourth most common cancer but the second most deadly, there is no excuse for failing to diagnose and timely treat a patient.  Some of the most common causes of colorectal cancer misdiagnosis include the following:


  • Misinterpreting medical studies, images, and tests;
  • Failing to perform a colonoscopy;
  • Improperly taking a biopsy;
  • Failing to refer a patient to a specialist;
  • Lassitude in performing tests or a colonoscopy because of a patient’s age;
  • Misdiagnosing colorectal cancer as something benign like hemorrhoids, fissure, or due to stomach ailments;
  • Delaying in having follow-up appointments;
  • Failing to remove polyps during a colonoscopy;
  • Improperly performing the colonoscopy and missing areas of the rectum or colon; and
  • Many other causes.


My Colorectal Cancer was Misdiagnosed, but Completely Treated and in Remission; Do I Still Have a Case?


If your colorectal cancer was initially misdiagnosed due to Oregon medical malpractice, but later identified, treated, and you are in remission, you may still have a case.  This is for two reasons.  First, your treatment may have been more invasive and damaging to your body than was necessary.  In some of the later stages of colorectal cancer, entire portions of your bowels may have had to be removed.  If the cancer is caught early, sometimes only an internal polyp would need to be removed. This is important because the damage to your body is less.  You may also need to undergo less radiation and less chemotherapy which could cause serious personal injury.


The second and not always obvious reason is because of reoccurrence rate.  The later a stage that the cancer progresses into, the higher the reoccurrence rate and the more deadly that reoccurrence will be.  In some instances a delayed diagnosed of only a year or year and a half could result in a 50% reoccurrence rate which has an 80% mortality rate.  This is the “silent” killer in a cancer misdiagnosis case which requires an expert’s evaluation and assistance.


Colorectal Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases May be Oregon Medical Malpractice


If you or a loved one have had colorectal cancer misdiagnosed, even if it is in remission, you may be a victim of Oregon medical malpractice and have rights to compensation for your injuries.  Here at Kuhlman Law, LLC, our Bend cancer misdiagnosis lawyer knows how to determine where you could have be reasonably diagnosed earlier and what damages you may have been caused to suffer because of this misdiagnosis.


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