Misdiagnosed Heart Attacks in Minnesota: Cardiologists Misread Tests and Symptoms

When Cardiologists Misread Tests and Symptoms of a Heart Attack, it Can Result in a Misdiagnosed Heart Attack Which can be Minneapolis Medical Malpractice


One type of preventable death is misdiagnosing a heart attack.  These can result in catastrophic injuries to a patient including permanent damage, disability, and wrongful death.  This is why as a Minneapolis medical malpractice lawyer I am hosting “heart attack week” to discuss issues surrounding heart attack treatments and issues which can result in medical malpractice.  My goal is to educate readers on this area of law to help them protect their rights.


This is the third day, and if you missed the first two days please go back through my blog to learn about what heart attacks are and how delays in diagnosis can be fatal.  Today’s post is when heart attacks are misdiagnosed as some other condition due to medical errors.


A misdiagnosis of a heart attack is different than a delay in treating a heart attack.  This is because, with a misdiagnosis, the heart attack is either not identified or improperly diagnosed as something else like heartburn.  Whereas a delay in diagnosis could be caused by a misdiagnosis, but could also be caused by simply not treating the patient in a timely manner.


Why are Misdiagnosed Heart Attacks So Dangerous?


One of the worst types of Minneapolis medical malpractice is when a heart attack is misdiagnosed.  This means that a patient has presented to a healthcare provider, usually an emergency room team and doctor, with a heart attack.  However, through the negligence of the healthcare provider, the patient’s heart attack is misdiagnosed as something else.  This means that the patient is told his or her health concerns, problems, and symptoms are due to something else when it is actually this life-threatening heart attack.  Because of this, many times patients will not seek further treatment.  This allows a heart attack to run its course, likely causing permanent damage to the heart and even killing the patient.


This is why misdiagnosed heart attacks are so dangerous.  A patient gets an answer and stops seeking treatment when it is absolutely necessary to get immediate and aggressive treatment.


In addition, a misdiagnosis also delays the treatment to the heart when it actually does occur.  Thus, if a patient need to resubmit to the emergency room for treatment and the heart attack is properly diagnosed the second time, the proper treatment will be delayed.  As noted in our earlier posts, delays in treatment for a heart attack will always cause some type of damage to the heart.  The longer the delay, the longer the heart is going to sustain damage.  Thus, the quicker treatment is given the quicker that worsening damage can be stopped.


Common Causes of Heart Attack Misdiagnoses: Cardiologist Mistakes


While there are many causes of heart attack misdiagnoses, there are some common mistakes which are very serious instances of Minneapolis medical malpractice.  Because cardiologists specialize in treating ailments of the heart, these mistakes can usually be traced back to an error by a cardiologist or an error by an emergency room physician.


Some of the following common causes of heart attack misdiagnoses include the following:

  • Failure to read or interpret test results;
  • Failing to order the proper tests;
  • Delaying in ordering the right tests;
  • Miscommunications between departments;
  • Misreading EKG tests;
  • Improperly performing EKG tests or other diagnostic tests;
  • Improperly trained staff;
  • Negligent performance of tests and treatment;
  • Not performing tests because of the thought that the condition is something else;
  • Failing to take a full patient history;
  • Failing to review all of a patient’s symptoms; and
  • Many other cases which are Minneapolis medical malpractice.


Heart Attack Misdiagnoses are Minneapolis Medical Malpractice


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