Nerve Injuries in the Arm: Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains

Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Nerve Injuries in the Arm


One of the most common types of birth injuries is a nerve injury during the birthing process.  This type of birth injury can result in a range of damages from mild or temporary injury, to catastrophic debilitation.  One of the most common nerves that are injured during the labor and delivery process are the arm nerves.  This is medically known as a brachial plexus injury and can be incredibly damaging.  This is because brachial plexus injuries could result in the complete loss of use and/or sensation of the arm.  Our Oregon medical malpractice lawyer explains some of these dangers.


What are the Arm Nerves and Where do they Go?


The arm nerves are known as the brachial plexus and originate out of your cervical spine, also known as your neck.  Certain cervical vertebrae have a nerve extending out of it and going towards the shoulder.  These individual nerves bundle together at the base of the nerve before extending down the arm.  This bundle goes through the shoulder girdle and down the arm, wherein the split and re-combine several times as they travel down the arm, through the elbow groove, down the forearm, through the wrist, and ultimately to the fingertips.  


The brachial plexus has two very important functions.  First, it controls sensation.  This means touch, temperature, moisture, pressure, and other palpable feelings.  Second, it controls motor movement.  This is the highway for sending signals through the brain to tell a finger to move, bend, wiggle, or otherwise function.


How are Brachial Plexus Injuries Caused by Oregon Medical Malpractice and Birth Injuries?


Just like in newborns, the brachial plexus is present in adults.  However, as we grow the nerves become stronger and more resilient, as do our muscles which cover and protect the nerves.  This is not true for babies, who have very tiny nerves and very weak muscles to support or cover the nerves.  


As such, there are several ways that a newborn may suffer a brachial plexus injury due to Oregon medical malpractice or a birth injury.  These include some of the following examples:


  • Pulling on the arm during the birthing process;
  • Improper use of forceps during the birthing process;
  • Improper use of the vacuum extractor during the birthing process;
  • Failing to properly guide the baby down the birth canal, including resulting in the baby’s shoulder getting stuck of lodged in the cervix of birth canal; 
  • Improperly handling the baby during the birthing process; and
  • Other causes.

Arm Nerve Injuries Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice: Brachial Plexus Injuries from Birth Injuries


Brachial plexus injuries can be very debilitating.  While mild cases may result in some pain or numbness, more severe cases can result in permanent pain, some loss of sensation, some loss of function, or a complete loss of sensation or function in part or the entire arm.  If your newborn or young child is exhibiting the symptoms of, or has been diagnosed with, a brachial plexus injury please call Kuhlman Law, LLC to learn what rights you may have.


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