Nerve Injuries to Babies Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice

Nerve Injuries to Babies: Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Common Types and Causes


Nerve injuries are some of the worst types of injuries.  This is because a nerve injury can cause excruciating pain or complete numbness.  Sometimes it can come in waves of pain to tingling or pins and needles.  Nerve injuries can also cause a loss of motor control and function, rending part’s of an individual’s body without the ability to move or with decreased movement.  This could be just the tip of a finger, to an entire limb being immobilized.  While all nerve injuries caused by Oregon medical malpractice are egregious, nerve injuries to infants are particularly devastating because they can permanently affect a newborn’s entire life without giving him or her a fair chance.


Causes of Nerve Injuries in Newborns Due to Birth Injuries and Oregon Medical Malpractice


There are many different causes of nerve injuries which could affect a newborn due to a birth injury from Oregon medical malpractice.  All of these nerve injuries will vary in severity, duration, and symptoms.  Generally, the greater and more catastrophic the injury, the more likely it will be permanent and cause catastrophic injury.


Some of the most common causes of nerve injuries to newborns due to medical errors include the following:


  • Brachial Plexus injuries – the nerves from the cervical spine (neck) branch out and bundle together at the base of the neck between the neck and the shoulder (behind the collar bone).  This is known as the interscalene groove.  The nerves then extend down into the shoulder, down the biceps, down the forearm, and into the fingers.  When a baby is being pulled, yanked, or grabbed by the arm during the labor and delivery process, the nerves can be damaged anywhere between the spine and the fingers due to this pulling.  This can cause lesions to the stretched nerves, or even completely severed nerves.  When a baby’s shoulders are stuck in the birth canal in an awkward position, it can also exert pressure on the nerves which result in serious personal injuries.
  • Facial Nerve injuries – There are crucial cranial nerves which cover the entire head and face.  These nerves do everything from move your lips and cheeks to smile, to give you sensation when you put a glass of water to your mouth.  Babies have less tissue (muscle and fat) on their faces which expose their vulnerable cranial nerves.  During the labor and delivery process, extra pressure on a baby’s face and result in serious damage to these nerves.  This is particularly true in the use of forceps or vacuum extraction which could also pull, suck, twist, yank, and otherwise stretch or pinch the cranial nerves and cause damage.
  • Cuts or Lacerations – Of course, any type of cut, lacerations, abrasion, or other physical damage inflicted to a baby during the labor and delivery process could result in serious personal injury to a nerve.  This includes even an infection like an IV.  Babies are small, which means small structures.  Threading a vein for an IV is much different than for an adult.  This means that nerves are much closer than normal in adults, as structures are less spaced out in a baby which is smaller.  If a healthcare professional fails to realize these differences, nerves could be inadvertently punctured or cut, causing permanent nerve injuries.


Nerve Injuries Caused by Oregon Medical Malpractice


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