NICU Errors Which Cause Birth Injuries in Minnesota

When NICU Staff Makes Errors, Serious Birth Injuries Could Occur: Minneapolis Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains


NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit which is essential an ICU for newborns.  Many premature babies or seriously ill or injured newborns go to the ICU for advanced treatment.  The technology and staff are specialized for newborn patients.  Nurses and doctors working in the NICU have undergone special training and, in the case of doctors, held an intern year, residency, or fellowship in a NICU under the supervision and training of an experienced NICU physician.


Despite all of this advanced technology and training, there are still many NICU mistakes which can cause serious injury or death to patients.  This includes many mistakes which could be completely avoided with proper care and treatment by NICU staff.  However, sometimes NICU staff is not as well trained as they should be.  Other times NICU staff fails to properly utilize their experience and training in treating a patient.  Moreover, sometimes NICU staff is just reckless, careless, or downright negligence in the care and treatment of a newborn.  This is a horrible outcome considering that newborns, particularly those in need of NICU treatment, are some of the most vulnerable members of our society and are completely dependent on the medical professionals committing errors on them.

NICU Mistakes Which Can Permanently Disable or Wrongfully Kill Your Newborn


All NICU mistakes have the potential to permanently disable or cause the wrongful death of your newborn.  This is just the nature of a NICU, where newborns are already in critical condition and in need to assistance.  Here are some of the most common NICU mistakes which are likely medical malpractice:


Medication Errors – If a provider makes a medication error on a newborn, it is very likely to cause permanent damage to the baby’s kidneys, liver, or other organs like the stomach, intestines, or brain.  This is because a newborn’s body is unable to fight off a medication error, especially an overdose.  The baby’s body is weak and fragile, and an overdose will simply overpower and poison the baby resulting in caustic injuries.


Failure to Treat Prolonged Jaundice – While it is normal for babies to experience some jaundice for a short period of time after birth, that jaundice should dissipate.  If it does not, that jaundice could really be an indicator of kernicterus, a dangerous condition which damages brain tissue and may cause cerebral palsy.  Failing to treat jaundice or identify and treat kernicterus is usually medical malpractice in Minnesota.


Resuscitation Mistakes – Because an infant is very fragile, improper resuscitation errors can result in horrific injuries.  This is because a newborn’s skin, especially a premature baby, is paper thin—less than paper thin in some instances.  Excessive abrading of the skin in an effort to resuscitate a baby can rip away and permanent damage skin.  It can also lacerate organ and break bones.


Delays in Resuscitating – If the NICU fails to timely resuscitate a newborn by failing to identify irregular breathing or heartbeats, the longer the delay without oxygen the longer the brain and vital organs are deprived of oxygen.  This results in permanent injury and can lead to death.


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NICU injuries are some of the most needless and avoidable injuries.  When staff properly uses the advanced technology and training they have, there should be none of extremely few mistakes in the NICU.  Many times multiple providers are watching just 5-10 newborns, who are all in the same room as the provider.  Mistakes simply should not be made with this intense supervision, particularly when there is a lack of oxygen or distress.


But the truth is they do happen, and many babies are serious injured or wrongfully killed due to medical mistakes.  If you believe that your beloved newborn was one of them, call to schedule a FREE appointment to determine whether it may have been caused by Minnesota medical malpractice.  We accept cases throughout Minnesota, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, or any other city.  Please call Kuhlman Law, LLC by dialing (612) 444-3374 to learn what your rights to compensation you may have.  You may also contact us using our easy and convenient “contact us” box at the bottom of our website.  If we accept your case, we will conduct a thorough investigation to get you the answers you deserve, all for free.  There is no risk, and you only pay us if we recover compensation for you.


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