Nursing Home Malpractice Regarding the Flu: Failure to Diagnose, Treat, or Quarantine

Failing to Diagnose, Treat, or Quarantine Residents with the Flu Can Result in Minnesota Nursing Home Malpractice


Minneapolis and St. Paul have a high concentration of nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.  A large population of nursing home residents are those who are elderly.  Other residents may be aging individuals who are recovering from significant surgeries or after a fall.  Each of these populations have generally weaker immune systems and are more susceptible to diseases or illnesses like the flu.  Even a common cold can be dangerous and result in a life-threatening condition.


But the flu is particularly dangerous for elderly patients in nursing homes.  This is especially true this year, where the flu has already caused several deaths and is advertised as being very potent.  But it is also noted that this strain of flu has no resistance to common flu medications like Tamiflu, which is working well.  This highlights the importance that medical providers and nursing homes must properly identify and treat parties exhibiting the signs of the flu before the condition is allowed to fester, build strength, and become very difficult to fight.


Misdiagnosing or Failing to Diagnose the Flu


It is common for many people, including medical providers and nursing home providers, to misdiagnose the flu as the common cold.  While both can be dangerous to elderly patients, the flu is significantly more likely to be fatal and result in the wrongful death of a resident.  If a medical provider misdiagnoses the flu as a cold, the wrong medications will be given which may be ineffective and allow the flu to gain strength and become deadly.  This can be Minnesota medical malpractice.


Failing to diagnose the flu is even more dangerous because no medications will be provided and no special treatment or care and attention will be provided to the resident.  This borders on nursing home neglect of a patient when the patient has the flu, is not diagnosed, and is then subjected to the full running of the condition.  Failing to diagnose the flu also allows the flu to spread to others in the nursing home if the patient is not treated or quarantined.


Failing to Quarantine a Resident with the Flu Could be Negligent


The flu and spread very quickly and aggressively through a nursing home just like it can spread through a business, school, or dormitory.  If a resident in a nursing home has the flu, the nursing home may be under an obligation to quarantine any infected individuals to prevent the spread.


Like all other medical providers, nursing home staff must also follow proper infectious disease and sterilization protocol to ensure that they do not contribute in spreading the flu.  If they further fail to do this, it may result in nursing home malpractice.


Wrongful Death Victims of the Flu in a Nursing Home Should Have Their Case Evaluated for FREE by a Minnesota Medical Malpractice Attorney


Residents of a nursing home who have contracted the flu should get their case evaluated to determine whether there was negligence in the detection, care, treatment, or prevention of spreading the disease.  If you believe that you or your loved one may have been the victim of medical malpractice, call to schedule a FREE appointment.


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