Permanent Injuries from Misdiagnosed Heart Attacks in Minnesota

Permanent Injuries from Misdiagnosed Heart Attacks Due to Minnesota Medical Malpractice


When heart attacks are misdiagnosed in Minnesota they can result in permanent injury and wrongful death to a victim.  This is why as a Minneapolis medical malpractice attorney I am hosting “heart attack week” to educate and discuss legal issues with medical malpractice involving heart attacks.  When there is Minneapolis medical malpractice involving a heart attack, it is very likely that there will be permanent damage or wrongful death.  This is given the inherent nature of a heart attack and how it affects a victim.


What are Permanent Damages in Misdiagnosed Heart Attacks in Minnesota


The longer that a heart attack goes untreated, the longer that a victim’s heart and other vital structures will sustain damage.  The ultimate permanent damage from a heart attack which is misdiagnosed due to Minneapolis medical malpractice is wrongful death.  This is the most severe damage in all personal injuries, particularly heart attack misdiagnosis.  Tomorrow’s last post in heart attack week will focus on wrongful death.


But when a patient does survive the heart attack misdiagnosis due to medical malpractice, there are five distinct types of permanent injuries caused by the heart attack.  These include the following:


Abnormal heart rhythms – also known as an arrhythmia, damage to a heart caused by a misdiagnosis can affect how a heart beats.  This is because the heart has an intense electrical circuit and field which causes it to beat and pump blood throughout your body.  Damage to the heart from a heart attack, particularly due to scar tissue, can affect how the heart pumps and make it pump ineffectively.


Heart Rupture – when a heart attack is misdiagnosed, areas of the heart where the damage occurs can be weakened.  This is dangerous because the heart is under intense pressure and force all of the time as it pumps.  Weakened walls can result in a rupture of the heart.  While small holes may be treated quickly and repaired, most times any type of heart rupture is fatal and catastrophic.


Heart Failure – if a heart attack misdiagnosis occurs for a long period of time, the damage to the heart can be so widespread that it can completely effect how the heart functions.  This means that the heart can not adequately pump blood through your heart.  This means that your body will not get a proper blood supply and your heart has to pump harder, faster, and for longer.  This can result in the heart just “burning out” and failing, making it stop entirely because it is overworked.


Valve damage or problems – heart attack misdiagnoses can also result in heart valve damage.  This can cause the valves to actually leak blood and fluid into your chest cavity.  When this occurs, it can result in serious heart problems and failure.  Valve damage is very serious and easily fatal.


Scar Tissue Damage – the longer a heart attack continued misdiagnosed, the longer that the heart muscle is under tension and sustaining damage.  This means that the heart can develop scar tissue can damage.  This scar tissue can lead to any of the above issues, including an arrhythmia, heart failure, or valve problems.  When scar tissue forms on one side of the heart and pulls it the wrong way, it can result in a rupture.


Permanent Damage Caused by a Heart Attack Misdiagnosis is Minneapolis Medical Malpractice


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