Post Surgical Infections After Biceps Repair: Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Complications After Biceps Repair Surgeries: Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains Post Surgical Infections


Your biceps is the muscle of your upper arm.  It has two heads, the long head and the short head, which give the muscle its name of “bi,” meaning two.  It is also a common muscle that most people, particularly men, enjoy working out because it is known as an impressive muscle, even though it functionally helps very little for most sports.  This overtraining with its lack of function can result in damage to the biceps, including what is known as a “popeye” injury which is when the end of a tendon snaps away from the bone and bunches in the middle of the arm to look like a big popeye bulge.  This will need to be surgical repaired, which can always subject a patient to Oregon medical malpractice due to the risks involved with biceps repairs.


How is the Biceps Repaired?


The procedure itself is not necessarily complicated.  It may begin with a nerve block to the base of the neck, known as the interscalene groove where the nerves for the arm come off the neck and extend towards the shoulder.  This will help block pain after the surgery.


The surgery itself is performed under general anesthesia and is done arthroscopically.  There are usually 2-4 incisions that are made, and the biceps tendon is retrieved, cleaned (debrided), and screwed into the top part of the humerus (arm bone by the top of the shoulder).  The patient is closed on and begins physical therapy quickly.


Complications from Biceps Repair: Post Surgical Infections


There are generally two types of infections that can occur here which may be due to Oregon medical malpractice.  The first is on the biceps and bone itself.  This is because the biceps is actually pulled out of the body and inspected, debrided (which means cutting the frayed ends up), and then put back into the body.  The risk of infection on the biceps is very real and possible, and can result in serious injury.  There is also a risk of infection to the bone and surrounding area because of the use of a screw.  There is a screw which puts the tendon back into place and into the bone.  The screw is sterile, but it can obviously be contaminated or sterile procedures improperly followed which results in serious infection.


The second type of infection can be caused by hospital-acquired infections.  This means infections due to hospital superbugs or non-sterile procedures.  Instruments that are not properly cleaned can result in very serious infections and spread disease.  MRSA is also possible and can be very difficult to treat.  Infections at this part of the arm are dangerous because of the large nerves in this area (the brachial plexus) which can result in loss of sensation and function to the arm, hand, and fingers. 


Post Surgical Infections After a Biceps Repair Due to Oregon Medical Malpractice: Call our Bend & Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyer


Even though your biceps does not do a lot for sports and you may think it is mostly for show, when you have suffered a serious infection after a biceps repair you will know that it also helps control routine, daily functions like turning a key in a door or your car, opening a door, and even holding a glass.  When serious post surgical infections cause signifigant pain and suffering, or long term nerve damage to the brachial plexus, call our Portland medical malpractice lawyer to learn what your rights to compensation may be.  Our law firm handle cases throughout Oregon, including Central Oregon, Deschutes County, Salem, Portland, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Corvallis, Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro, Medford, and any other city, including Bend, Oregon where our law office is located.  


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