Post Surgical Infections After Replacement Surgeries: Oregon Medical Malpractice

An Infection After a Knee, Shoulder, or Hip Replacement Surgery Could Mean Medical Malpractice


Some of the most invasive surgeries are replacement surgeries.  These are surgeries that remove partially to completely a part of a patient’s joint, and replace it with metal implants.  These implants create a new joint, and take the place of the bones, cartilage, ligaments, meniscus, and other structures.  These surgeries are very involved, take a long time, and result in months of physical therapy and re-training.  These surgeries are also painful and invasive, in that patient’s are left with large scars, significant damage to muscle and tissue, and possibly altered nerve sensation.


With the risk of large incisions and damage comes the risk of infection.  Anytime that surgeries are cutting away and making large incisions, removing structures (bone and cartilage), and other objects, it can result in very serious infections actually.  The inner tissue is exposed to bacteria and the elements outside our bodies.  This means that viruses and infections could be very damaging.  It also means that infections could come from the joint implants themselves if they are not properly sterilized or if sterilization is not kept up prior to implanting the device.  This means that victims could be impacted with bacteria during a surgery—making it likely to fail and likely Oregon medical malpractice.


What Happens for Post Surgery Infections with Joint Replacements?


Whether it is a partial or full knee replacement, hip replacement, or shoulder replacement, when there is an infection at or in the implant site itself (where the bone and implant meet, or along the implant), it is unfortunately likely that there must be an extraction of the implant and a new implant placed.  This means that patients will need to undergo a second surgery, which is another very invasive, painful, and debilitating surgery.


If the infection is severe enough and not detected early enough, particularly a hip replacement, the damages to the patient will be severe and likely to lead to sepsis.  Sepsis is a wide-spread infection throughout the body which becomes blood-borne.  This means that the blood is what is infected and populating the infection throughout the entire body.  All of a person’s organs will receive this infected blood, and the infection, which results in a larger infection.  This can result in septic shock and is very deadly.


Are Post-Surgical Infections Oregon Medical Malpractice?


Medical malpractice is the breach of the duty of care by a physician which a reasonably prudent physician with the same training and experience would not have done in similar circumstances.  While infections are a normal risk of surgery, it depends on how the infection occurred.  Backtracking whether there was a breach of sterilization of surgical tools and equipment, or whether the implant was not properly sterilized or sterilization maintained during the surgery or before it.  These are serious issues which must be investigated that make the surgery less likely to be due to normal risks, and more likely to be due to Oregon medical malpractice.


In addition, when an infection is misdiagnosed or becomes septic, that is not part of the normal risk of surgery and that could independently be medical malpractice.


Did You Need to Undergo a SECOND Replacement Surgery Because of an Infection?  You May be the Victim of Oregon Medical Malpractice


If you underwent a knee replacement, shoulder replacement, or hip replacement and the surgery results in a large infection or sepsis, you may be the victim of Oregon medical malpractice.  If that infection or sepsis resulted in a second implant surgery, you are even more likely the victim of Central Oregon medical malpractice.  Call our Oregon medical malpractice lawyer to learn how we can help you.


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