Post Surgical Infections After Spinal Surgery: Oregon Medical Malpractice

Infections After Spinal Surgery: Possible Oregon Medical Malpractice


Any medical procedure where the skin is being cut, injured, or otherwise breached has the potential to cause an infection.  This is because the object penetrating the skin can introduce bacteria into the skin, and the damage to the skin and allow outside bacteria to be introduced.  This is why surgeries commonly come with the risk of infection.  In fact, this is a known risk that patients need to consent to prior to a surgery.  But while it is a common risk, sometimes an infection occurs due to an uncommon cause, such as a medical error, recklessness, carelessness, or other Oregon medical malpractice.


One type of surgery which can cause massive injuries if there is a post surgical infection is a spinal surgery.  This is because infections in your back are often difficult to treat, located near important nerves and vessels, and are new the spinal cord.  If the spinal surgery is performed near the spine or spinal cord and an infection is introduced into that space, the infection could be catastrophic.  While most bacterial infections may not be able to pass to the spinal cord if there are no incisions to the membrane around the spinal cord, some viral infections can pass through that barrier.  This can be catastrophic as the spinal cord and brain share the same closed space, including the cerebral spinal fluid therein.  This means infections could become Oregon wrongful deaths.


Types of Risky Spinal Surgeries For Post Surgical Infections


First, it is important to note that all spinal surgeries are risky and pose the risk of infection.  This is inherent to spinal surgeries and all surgeries in general.  However, there are several surgeries which are more likely to result in very serious personal injury if an infection occurs.  These surgeries include the following:


Spinal Fusions – A spinal fusion is a procedure where parts of the vertebrae and cushioning discs between them are removed, replacement with synthetic material or bone grafts, and fixed into place with rods and screws.  This procedure is one of the riskiest procedures because it works very close to the vertebrae and because it makes a lot of wide incisions and “work space” inside the body.  This increases the surface area for an infection to grasp on and populate.  This also puts a lot of objects inside of a patient which, if not properly sterilized, can result in serious infection as well.  Also given the full procedure and what is being removed, if there is an infection all of this procedure may have to be re-done which can be extraordinarily painful to a patient.


Discectomy – This can be used to repair a herniated disc or part of a spinal fusion.  This is when the soft, cushion-like disc is removed from the space between the spine.  This is near many important nerves and the spinal cord.  An infection here will also result in catastrophic injury.


Laminectomy – This can also be part of a fusion or on its own to relieve pressure after a spinal fracture or herniated disc which is causing continued sciatica (nerve leg pain).  An infection here is significant and can result in a bone infection or damage to these nerves which not only does not reduce leg pain, but accelerates it significantly.


Victims with Post Surgical Infections After Spinal Surgeries Should Call Our Central Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawyer 


Post surgical infections caused after spinal cord surgeries can result in very serious personal injuries.  While this could be a common risk of infection from any surgery, it should be investigated by a medical malpractice lawyer because the damages will be severe, debilitating, and painful.  Victims may have significant lost wages, medical bills, lost earnings, and will have high pain and suffering.  If you have had an infection post spinal surgery, call our Oregon medical malpractice attorney at Kuhlman Law, LLC to learn more.


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