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Over the last ten years, there has been a significant increase in the number of Americans taking prescription drugs. In fact, more and more individuals are taking prescription medications on a daily basis to help them manage chronic medical conditions such as cholesterol and blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and indigestion.


There are multiple medical providers and personnel involved in the process of prescribing and filling a prescription for the patient before she receives it and who can make mistakes that can cause serious harm to the patient. First, a physician must correctly diagnose the patient and prescribe the proper prescription drug in the proper amount to treat the patient’s condition. The doctor prescribing the medication also has a duty to make sure that the patient has no known allergic reactions to the prescription and that it will not negatively interact with any other medication the patient is currently taking. Then, a pharmacist must fill the prescription correctly and provide the appropriate dosage. Like the doctor who prescribed the medication, the pharmacist also has a duty to fill the correct prescription and make sure there are no other drugs that the patient is taking which may negatively interact with the new prescription

Medication Errors which could constitute medical malpractice

There are several different types of Medication Errors which could constitute medical negligence based upon the facts of the case.


Allergic Reactions – This occurs when a patient may have an allergic reaction to a prescription drug. To avoid allergic reactions, a doctor should always review a patient’s medical history to determine if there are any known allergies to prescription medications. When a patient is hospitalized or has had a serious medical condition, the doctor should monitor how the patient’s body is reacting to the medication.


Overdose – this occurs when the doctor prescribes too much of a specific medication and causes the patient harm. This can also occur when the pharmacist misreads a prescription or mistakenly fills a prescription for the wrong dosage.


Underdose – this occurs when the doctor prescribes too little of the prescription drug for it to be effective. Not receiving enough of the proper medication can make it difficult for a patient to fight off illness, disease, or to maintain the patient’s health.


Improper Medication – This occurs when a doctor prescribes the wrong type of medication for the patient’s condition which can cause harm by not treating the patient’s underlying condition and other complications.


Drug Interactions – this can occur when the prescription prescribed by the doctor has a negative interaction with another prescription drug that the patient is already taking.


Failure to Monitor the effect of Prescription medication– This occurs when a doctor prescribes a medication and neglects to do follow up testing or analysis as to whether the drug is having any positive effect on the patient’s condition.


Help for victims of medication errors

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