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When a patient learns that a surgeon has operated on the wrong side of the body or the wrong body part, there is usually shock and then anger.  A Minnesota surgeon or doctor who operates on the wrong part of the body is simply inexcusable and constitutes medical malpractice.  Unfortunately, wrong site surgeries are much more frequent than one would imagine both in Minnesota and throughout the country.  It is estimated that wrong site surgery errors occur approximately 40 times per week nationally.


Causes of wrong site surgery

There are many reasons why a surgeon could mistakenly operate on the wrong body part or the wrong side of the body.  Some of the reasons for a wrong site surgical error include:

  • forgetting to mark the correct surgical area with a marker prior to surgery;
  • communication errors between the surgeon and his staff;
  • the doctor being too busy to take the necessary time to read the medical chart, X-rays, or C-T scans;
  • confusing patient files and performing a surgery intended for another patient on the wrong patient.

No matter what the reason for the error, though, this type of surgical negligence is never acceptable.


 Harm caused by wrong site surgery

There are many harms associated with wrong site surgical errors.  The victim of surgical negligence not only has been unnecessarily subjected to the pain, suffering, and lengthy recuperation period after any surgery, but also likely  is still in desperate need of the correct surgery.  After being subjected to improper surgery, the patient may be too weak to undergo the correct surgery and such a delay can cause complications to the original treatment plan and the patient’s overall health.

If the doctor takes out the wrong body part such as a kidney or a gallbladder, the patient can have serious medical complications and/or lifelong problems.


Advocates for victims of surgical negligence in Minnesota

Wrong site surgical errors should never occur if the doctor is following the proper standard of care and following proper protocols.   Kuhlman Law is a Minneapolis Minnesota Medical Malpractice law firm that advocates for victims of medical malpractice and surgical negligence.  If you or a loved one have been the victim of a wrong-site surgery, contact us today to speak with a Surgical Malpractice Attorney immediately.  We can help you in finding answers to your questions and holding the surgeon accountable for his or her negligence.

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